Cyberpunk 202X

We Gotta Get One Thing Clear When We Go To The Citadel

Week Of Sept 22 2025

You’ll never be worse than me no
So get in the fucking car
We got us a world to bleed yeah

Porter sets Tanya up in a safe house on the West side. the house is on a back street just inside of Green Township. It appears to be unused, yet modestly furnished, as if being kept in a state of readiness for just such a situation.

Tanya has several days worth of drugs from Dr. January, mainly various types of painkillers. She still experiences bouts of extreme pain from being shot through her jaw.

Tanya agrees to meet with Kevin. She goes to Kevin’s place with a mic and an escort provided by Porter. Two of Porter’s men wait in cars nearby. Kevin asks what Tanya’s mission was. She says she was doing a job for Brian Joseph Tucker, a bail bondsman, and that she was to collect the van and anything in it, and that the Russians owed Tucker.

Kevin says Tanya is lying. She sticks to her story. John and Jakes shoot at her escort, both hitting his left arm. The escort shoots at John, striking his left leg. Tanya runs for the door – Kevin shoots at her but misses. One of the cars pulls up, and Tanya dives into the open back door, hitting her head and causing her severe pain. John shoots and misses, as the escort runs for the door. Jakes shoots the man in the leg, dropping him.

Kevin shoots the driver through the head. stranding Tanya. the other car pulls up parallel to it and flings open its back door for Tanya. John stomps on the escort’s arm to keep him from firing and levels his gun at the man’s head while Jakes takes his gun. Tanya scrambles into the other car, but Kevin shoots out the front right tire. Tanya shoots at Kevin, but it’s a glancing shot off his armored jacket. Jakes runs out the door and shoots the remaining driver through the head. Tanya jumps into the front of the car and pushes the driver’s leg down, flooring the pedal while she grabs the steering wheel. Jakes shoots out the back passenger tire, causing Tanya to crash into a telephone pole. Tanya manages to back up just enough to re-orient the car. Kevin shoots at her left hand on the wheel but misses. Tanya tries to gun it with her own leg over the dead driver’s but her boot slips off the bloody gas pedal. Jakes firers and hits Tanya’s right leg but her flak pants protect her. Kevin shoots her in the torso but her flak vest stops the bullet. Tanya guns the engine and stats to peel out but Jakes fires and shoots Tanya through the head.




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