Cyberpunk 202X


Week Of Sept 1 2025

These are the times
And these are the days
When everyone knows
And everyone prays

Broken Saint leaves Dr. January’s clinic is about to cross the bridge to Dockside when he sights black vans with armed men heading south, including John and Jakes. He calls Porter, who instructs him to follow the vans while Porter assembles his men. Saint realizes the vans are not headed for Dockside. Porter says to keep following until ordered to break off.

Saint calls Kevin and says there is a .50 caliber aimed at one of Kevin’s vans in a vain attempt to intimidate Kevin. Saint follows for several miles, until Porter’s men catch up around milepost 6 and order Saint off.

2 lookouts in the vans notices 2 vans and 2 motorcycles carrying AK-47s setting up a “box” maneuver. One of Porter’s van takes far left lane and pulls up parallel with the front van, then drops its tinted window and levels a rocket launcher at the back on the lead van. The lead van fires through its windows, shooting through the head of the man with the launcher. Two collisions result. Kevin’s men shoot again at Porter’s van, sending it careening across the center divide and crashing into an oncoming car in the northbound lane, causing a pileup.

One of the motorcycles is dispatched by Kevin’s men, while the other is attacked and sent crashing into the center divide.

A car is caught in the crossfire between vans, rupturing the gas tank and causing a small explosion. Kevin’s men just plow right through it, knocking the burning car sideways. The men fire at the remaining van of Porter’s, hitting the engine block multiple times and killing one of the men inside. Another van of Kevin’s manages to kill the driver as well. Someone jumps up to grab the wheel, but it careens rightward into other cars, colliding with them as the van rolls off the road.

A shooter in one of Kevin’s vans is rocked by a collision with another car, causing him to lose grip and misfire, killing himself. Another black van shoots at Porter’s van, blowing out a tire and causing it to crash into the center divide.

Having successfully routed Porter’s attack, the vans take a ramp off the interstate and loop around into the northbound highway and wait for Tanya’s approach.

Once Tanya catches up to them, the vans begin a box maneuver, taking advantage of the slowdown created by the crash of Porter’s van up ahead. Tanya tried to evade, but the traffic slowdown constrains her. One of Kevin’s men shoots at Tanya – she takes a bullet through her jaw and out her upper neck. Her van rolls into a ditch. Kevin’s men recover everything from the van – including Tanya – before torching it with a Molotov.

They reach one of Kevin’s safe houses. Not trusting their phones, they send a runner to inform Kevin of everything that transpired. john and Jakes and some muscle take Tanya to Dr. January for stabilization, and hopefully identification. The men have no idea who Tanya is, or who attacked them. Jakes tells the Doctor to patch up Tanya so she can talk, but not to worry too much about cosmetics. One of Kevin’s men who took a bullet to the knee is also treated.

Kevin arranges to deliver the nuclear material to his anonymous patron, and will negotiate payment in the form of another bomb.


[Raymond told to roll a D10, and if he gets a 3 or a 5 he notices John or Jakes in a black van with armed men. He rolls a 3.]
“I have a horseshoe stuck up my ass! What can I say?” – Raymond

“Somehow I get the feeling this is going to make the evening news.” – Kyle, after rocket launcher is fired



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