Cyberpunk 202X


Week Of Nov 10 2025


Broken Saint bolts to one of Porter’s safehouses in Northern Kentucky to keep away from radiation and fallout. 1st Bail Bonds and other bondsmen are closed due to emergency.

The death toll is into the thousands in the wake of the nuclear explosion.

Saint is informed of the disappearances of Lana Prescott and Zee-roX, and of the abduction of Justin Barnhart. He starts an online forum about alien abductions as a cover.
Tanya Omari has not been seen in some time. Artemis Group falls into legal limbo.

Justin Barnhart tells the police he was kidnapped by men seeking to get a ransom from a wealthy family. The kidnappers released Barnhart once they realized they had the wrong person…. and kidnapped Barnhart’s roommate, Vincent Coldwell. Coldwell has not been seen since.

Broken Saint drops searches the hacker community to try to find out what happened to Zee-roX. Saint knows his hacker name and his real name, Paul Brooks. Two hackers, “Mary the Q” (Zee-roX’s platonic girl who is a friend) and “D0min8r” are worried about him but don’t know what happened. Everyone else is indifferent (at best). Mary last saw him the night before he disappeared, and says he was being “very supportive” of her.

Saint goes to Zee-roX’s apartment. The place is dusty from not being touched since the police tape came down. He searches vents and slashes open the bed, but finds no hidden items or secret compartments. He goes to see Mary the Q.

Introducing himself as Mr. Jason Smith from the online magazine “Haqr Forum,” he asks Mary questions about Zee-roX. she doesn’t know anything, but he leaves a card with a number for a burner phone on it in case she discovers anything.

Vlad travels into the shadier parts of the city searching for his daughter Vera. Von goes along out of boredom. Finding nothing in Walnut Hills, he seeks out Frost. Seeing a couple of Frost’s girls on a corner, he starts talking to them, and after some discussion, they arrange for Vlad and Von to meet Frost at a nearby White Castle.

Frost arrives, and answers Vlad’s questions – he had seen Vera in the company of two men named Wilton and Rady. Wilton had crossed Frost somehow – something about a debt not repaid – and Frost killed Wilton right there in the street. Frost offered Vera a job, but she didn’t say anything, so he left her with Rady. This was about 2 months ago.

Sofia Stuyvek is convicted of murdering her husband Pietro and sentenced to prison.

“I miss you guys” – Casandra

“I didn’t know she was aiming at me… because I sure didn’t miss her!” – Kyle



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