Cyberpunk 202X

Head Count

Week Of Nov 3 2025

Von collects Justin Barnhart’s roommate and takes him to an abandoned building at the edge of the Combat Zone. Von question him, and finds out that Justin is at Tom’s Bar on the East Side with his girlfriend Suzie. Von shoots the man in the head and takes the body to Dr. January, who buys it for $300.

Von finds Justin and a few of his friends at Tom’s Bar. Von sleep gasses the entirety of the bar, although a few of the patrons manage to pull out phones, presumably to call 911. Von puts on a mask and enters the bar. He spots two patrons uasing their phones and shoots them through their heads. Von is careful to touch nothing except the person he is collecting for Porter.

Vlad leaves Tao and Qi – one of Porter’s men recognized some of the names Tao recited and nudges Vlad outside.

Von begins interrogating Justin. When he doesn’t answer, Von breaks on e of his fingers. Justin screams in pain but still doesn’t answer questions. Von says if Justin won’t talk then there’s no reason to keep him alive, and begins grinding the broken finger bones together. Justin says he’ll talk if he’s given his freedom… he has to support his girlfriend and elderly mother.

Von is relieved of questioning and Vlad takes over. Vlad has Porter’s okay to release Justin on condition he be paid off and keeps silent, or his girlfriend and mother will suffer for his disobedience. Justin reveals that he was given the program by Zee-roX and installed it on the computer in the studio that Fatal Mission was using. the band left a day or two early and Lana began using the studio – Justin wasn’t aware of this at the time. Lana was struck by the program instead. The program deleted itself from the stick when transferred to the computer, and the computer was confiscated, most likely by the police.

Von and Vlad are sent to retrieve Zee-roX, aka Paul Brooks. He is not at his apartment and all the computer gear has been taken. The place has been tossed – it appears to have been an abduction, not by police.

Justin is released and sent to Dr. January for treatment, with a promise of a future payment for his silence… and a threat if he breaks his silence.

After a couple of days, Vlad and Von are sent out to release the Russians. they are to be freed at the same place they were captured – Georgetown Kentucky. The two men dress in black clothing and masks to conceal their identities. They arrive at the warehouse around 3 AM, and the sedated Russians wake up about 30 minutes after that. They are bound but not gagged. One is taken by Vlad to a nearby grocery store to pick up one of the circulars in the rack outside, verifying the date.

Vlad holds up a phone – a man in dressed identically to Vlad and Von is speaking through it to the Russians via videocall. The Russians are told they have 12 hours to get out of the country, and are warned not to come within 500 miles of Georgetown ever again. If they do, a signal is permanently being broadcast that will detonate explosives implanted at the base of their skulls. If any of their associates should be sighted within 500 miles of Georgetown, one of three men will be killed by a remote satellite signal. The man on the phone demonstrates by setting off one of the explosives right then and there, killing one of the Russians. The two surviving Russians are told that if they tamper with the explosives, they will detonate. Vlad and Von untie the men, and leave them to find their own way away from Georgetown before the signal is activated.

The death toll from the explosion and fallout is in the thousands. Rioting is happening, emergency services are strained to near the breaking point, and the economy is crumbling.



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