Cyberpunk 202X

SEASON 1 FINALE: Crossing Bridges

Week Of July 8 2025

A whisper went ’round on the dark side of town
And anything that could go wrong
Is going wrong right now

Reid McGregor and Draven Young are charged with murder and jailed. Reid killed Carter Halpin aka “Wire,” who was firing a weapon at the two men. Reid also accidentally killed Walter Grimes, a 23 y.o. black male who was a patron at the bar. Draven accidentally killed Darius Green, a 31 y.o. black male who was a patron. Bond for both men is set at $100,000. Reb Afterburn is returned to jail and has an additional bond of $4000 added.

Thomas Rhine has not reported to work with the electric company since he went to his brother-in-law’s house. Broken Saint asks Victor Leopold to find and interrogate Rhine about who impersonated Rhine regarding the Jackson Teledigital bombing.

Porter instructs Broken Saint to bail out Reid and Draven. Saint is given a nondescript van to bring the men to Dockside. He is to answer no questions, only tell them they are meeting the man granting their freedom.

Porter calls Tanya Omari about a possible job.

Detective Grimes pays a visit to Chef Rodney.

With Jeremy Jhones on trial, Amara Delaney begins the process of finding a replacement bodyguard.

Beverly Moore has a friend examine her hacked computer, while she tracks down leads on the recent explosions.

Closing arguments are presented in Sofia Stuyvek’s trial. Deliberations begin.

8 AM Tuesday morning –
Brian Joseph Tucker posts bond for Reid and Draven. They are eventually released and and Tucker transports them to Dockside around 11:30.

Kevin handcuffs a briefcase to his wrist, appearing to carry guns. If examined closely,
a wire can be seen going up his sleeve.

Lana is provided with cyberaudio implants courtesy of Tsurigo and Undagroundz to enable her to expand her range of music – an ultra and infrasound market has grown among audiophiles who have such implants. She begins experimenting with sounds above and below normal human hearing to incorporate them into her music.

Porter assembles Broken Saint, Tanya, Reid, and Draven. They are sent to Georgetown, Kentucky, where Tao and Qi are meeting with their Russian contacts. Porter claims they have nuclear materials – they are to be brought back if possible, destroyed if necessary. Tao, Qi, and the Russians are to be captured alive if possible and brought to Porter.

That night, Broken Saint travels to Georgetown via borrowed motorcycle, while the rest take two of Porter’s vans.

In Georgetown, a long and drawn out firefight ensues. Several hired guns are killed, but a few are captured more-or-less alive. Tazz, a known associate of Tao and Qi, is present, but suffers the misfortune of his weapon exploding in his hand. Tao, Qi, Tazz, and the two Russians are captured.

The bodies and Porter’s motorcycle are stuffed into one van, while the survivors and the nuclear materials are placed in the other. Saint drives the bodies to Dr. January’s clinic. The Doctor, noticing broken glass on Saint from where he jumped through an office window at the warehouse, inquires “How did everybody else come out?” Seeing Saint’s reaction, she adds “It’s not like I expect you did this by yourself.” The Doctor pays for the bodies and agrees to clean out Porter’s van. Broken Saint hops on the motorcycle and heads for Dockside.

Reid and Draven torch the van driven by the Russians, then depart for Dockside in Tao and Qi’s van. Tanya drives Porter’s van containing the nuclear materials and 2 briefcases filled with money. She still has nearly an hour and a half until she arrives at Dockside.

Kevin receives a call from his supplier – the materials he purchased have not arrived. He dispatches a team to recover the materials. They approach the bridge to Kentucky to intercept Tanya, preferably away from cities and towns.

Lana is in the studio, jacked into the computer, using her cyberaudio and vocal chips to experiment with sounds outside human hearing. Suddenly she notices a download already in progress, nearly completed. She is struck by sharp pain and bombarded by a high-pitched screeching sound. The pain subsides slightly as the download is completed, and she hears an unnerving tone on an infrasound frequency, too low for unaided human hearing. Her phone rings. Overwhelmed by pain and anxiety, she tries to scream, emitting only a small noise. As she drops to the floor, she sees the name “Darren Land” on her phone.




“I wish I could roll 10s.” – Casandra.



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