Cyberpunk 202X

Roll The Time, On Whose Dime?

Week Of Mar 4 2025

Resistance in the disputed territory fades as Kevin asserts control, the frigid weather not helping the oppostion any. He begins his recruiting phase by offering rewards to informers about any remaining resistors. He then lays low for now, keeping an eye out for police since they intercepted one of his “text messages.”

Tucker settles into his new business with First Bail Bonds. Two of Gentry’s former employees, Bill and Tasha, remain on. Tucker assumes the 8 am – 5 pm shift, with Bill working 5 pm until 1 am, with Tasha working the overnight shift. Bill is empowered to issue bonds, Tasha has 3 months to go until she can receive her license – she must call Tucker into the office to sign for any bonds on her watch.

Realizing the 3 of them aren’t enough if any of them ever want a day off, Tucker posts and ad for 2 part-time employees, offering $2 above minimum wage for unlicensed candidates, and $6 above minimum for anyone who is licensed.

Tucker, Bill, and Tasha all receive invitations to a surprise going-away party for Gentry.

Tanya recieves an invitation to the party as well.

Tanya investigates a skip named Shiro Thompson and pays a visits to the house he shares with a couple roommates near the University. Shiro isn’t there, but a punked-out roommate of his is. Tanya explains that she is a bail enforcement agent and – after assuring the roomie that she won’t go into his stuff – persuades her way into Shiro’s room. The roommate also mentions that Shiro has a friend named Jason. After a quick search, she gives the roommate $20 as a thank-you for cooperating. The roommate suddenly remembers more information, such as the name and address of Shiro’s girlfriend, Sheila, in exchange for another $20.

Tanya goes to Sheila’s place, and sees a car in the driveway. She checks the plates and confirms the car is Shiro’s. As she walks by the car towards the front door, she stealthily slashes a tire. She knocks on the door, hearing music inside, but gets no answer. Knocking harder, she loudly annouces she has a pizza delivery. Sheila answers the door, and Tanya says she has two pizzas in her car, claiming she left them there to keep them warm since no one responded to her first knock. Sheila yells for Shiro, asking if he ordered pizza. Shiro walks into the living room wearing nothing but pajama pants, saying he didn’t order anything. He wonders if Jason was playing a prank on him. Tanya insists that someone has to pay for the pizzas, finally stating that if they pay for one, she will cover the other one.

Shiro goes to get money, and when he hands it to Tanya, she grabs his wrist and pulls him onto the porch, pressing him face first against the wall. She IDs herself as a bail enforcement agent while the girlfriend nearly goes into hysterics. Shiro keep telling her to quiet down. Tanya asks Sheila to get Shiro’s shoes for the trip downtown. Shiro tells her to do it, and to take his stuff to Jason’s.

After turning in Shiro, Tanya goes to Platinum Bail Bonds, where Shipley pays her $300. She asks him about the new guy who bought Gentry’s business. Shipley says he hasn’t met him yet, and asks if Tanya is coming to the party. She says she is.

Jeremy is given an appointment to meet Amara Delaney. Given the circumstances of his “application,” she questions him on whether he has the ability to be subtle or not. After an interview, he is hired on a probationary basis and given a respectable salary and benefits. Jeremy begins scoping out the area for security holes but says nothing, deciding he needs a few days to really get a look before saying anything. The security in the building appear to be quite competent.

Chef Rodney looks for a large, fit, and aggressively mean male among his customers. Finding one having an enthusiastic disagreement with a waitress, he asks the man why he is unsatisfied with his order. He invites the man into the kitchen to cook the chicken himself. He mildly surprises everyone by doing a mostly passable job of it. After the man leaves, Rodney asks the waitress and the other cook if they want coffee, then follows the man to his home. He quickly swings by a coffee shop and returns to JAZZ.

Lana Prescott checks in with the P.I. she hired, Darren Land. He shows her photos of five men he suspects of attacking Lana. the other singer who witnessed part of the attack noticed the assailant hade a claw-like tattoo on the back of his right hand. Land compiled his list by cross-matching the claw tattoo with men who have previous charges or convictions of a similar nature, and were in the area at the time. All candidates are white males in their mid-30s, around 5’10" and 175 lbs. with dark hair and eyes.

- Dave Farrell, a drifter. Has prior conviction for assault. Last sighted out west.

- Arthur Williams. Previously charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend. Whereabouts unknown.

- Kevin Sloane. Prior charge of assault using a knife. In jail in Kentucky.

- Jack Harkness. Slit a man’s throat during a robbery. Last seen working in a warehouse in Columbus Ohio.

- Frank Wellborn. Convicted rapist. Whereabouts unknown.

Lana thanks Land for his time and efforts and returns home, taking some pills to try not to think about things.

Charlotte continues importing shipments of drugs, weapons, and some women. She is on watch for anyone looking too closely behind the scenes, particularly any nosy reporters.

Tanya discovers a charge on her phone from a Chinese takeout place.



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