Cyberpunk 202X

Light It Up!

Week Of Dec 16 2024


Hope has gone missing.

Jube aka “Loneshot” returns to town, and is given a contract. He also finds out about the bounties on NOF members placed by Kevin Thornton. Jube makes a deal with Kevin – instead of collecting NOF members one by one, he will lure 50 or more of them to one location and blow it up with them inside.

Tanya does more investigation as to the whereabouts of Roland Bell aka “Killa B.” She finally gets a lead – he has friends in NOF territory, and a friend at a makeshift recording studio.

Loneshot contacts Broken Saint with a plan to lure the NOF to the building Loneshot has chosen. Saint hacks their phones, then sends a message saying they need to start talking about the “white boys” who are killing people in these neighborhoods, saying they need to fight back and “light it up.” They find a demolitions expert and have him wire the building.

A man named Kado and two associates, all from the Kasugai clan, pay Kevin a visit. The clan is impressed by Kevin’s work in bringing order to this area, and Kevin agrees not to infringe on outside territories.

Tanya tracks down the “recording studio” in NOF territory – an abandoned warehouse. She sees people inside, and more arriving. On a nearby rooftop, Loneshot notices Tanya, and calls Saint to tell Tanya to leave the area. She drives about two blocks away. She asks Saint if he had seen Bell inside. Saint says he thought he saw him.

Loneshot and Saint trigger the explosives, destroying the warehouse and killing most of the people inside it. Loneshot fires on the few that manage to stagger or crawl out, as well as shooting 6 more in cars who were just arriving. Kevin’s men collect the bodies for later resale to various ripperdocs, 49 in total. Saint asks Loneshot to see if Bell is inside – he isn’t. Saint tells Tanya that Bell isn’t there. Loneshot passes by Tanya’s car and tips his hat, the same way he did after exiting her vehicle after he assassinated Dale Lucien. Tanya goes inside to look for herself, but doesn’t find Bell.

Loneshot goes out and finds another member of NOF and shoots him, delivering the body and bringing the total to the agreed-upon 50.

Kevin sells a few of the bodies to Dr. January, but she refuses most of them, saying she “doesn’t buy extra-crispy chicken.”

Loneshot informs Broken Saint of his contract on Teschke, and asks Saint to gather intel for him. Saint calls Sgt. Sparks, Teshcke’s former boss, but gets little info. Saint does find out that Teschke was formerly on the cyberpsycho squad – he is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Saint then calls Teschke’s ex-girlfriend, who tells him that Teschke had packed up and moved down to the Combat Zone, and that he had a couple of gang friends. While Saint investigates, Loneshot picks up some Chinese food for him.

Tanya goes to the police station and identifies herself as a bail enforcement agent, asking to speak with the person in charge about Teschke skipping out on bond. She learns that Teshcke has affiliations to at least two local gangs.

Loneshot disguises himself as a homeless man and looks for members of one of the gangs Teschke is known to associate with – he finds two of them and tails them to a house on the edge of Carita’s territory, close to NOF territory. He watches for a while, seeinig them smoke up, and has Saint call Tanya. Tanya arrives, and Loneshot goes over, asking for a penny or some change. He slips a piece of paper into her window, and backs off when Tanya threatens to shoot him. He then calls Saint, telling him to call Tanya and let her know that the paper was good. The paper says that it is a gang house, but it’s not known if Teschke is there. Tanya decides it’s unlikely that Teschke or Carita are there, and leaves.

Loneshot kicks in the door and shoots the gang members inside, killing 4 and subduing one. He tortures the kid for info about Teschke. The kid finally says Teschke talks to a “Joseph Darwin.” Loneshot then slits the kid’s throat.



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