Cyberpunk 202X

Hello Goodbye

Week Of Mar 17 2025


Chef Rodney is notified of a pending health inspection.

Rodney returns to the house of the man he followed recently at 4 AM on Saturday night. He knocks on the front and back doors, and getting no answer, he breaks in through the back. He finds the man passed out drunk on the couch. He punches the man in the head, smashing his head into the bottle edging out from under the cushion, killing him. Rodney bleaches the sofa and cushion, leaving the broken glass alone. He drags the dead man outside and loads the body into his Tahoe. Rodney notices a neighbor on their phone, and quickly leaves. He stashes the body at JAZZ and dumps the truck in and alley in a crime-ridden neighborhood, setting it on fire.

Jeremy Jhones goes to work for Amara Delaney. He notices a small security hole outside the SilkE Corporation building she works in – the staff has it accounted for, but noticing it wins Jeremy a bit of recognition for his skills.

Tanya goes to Gentry’s going-away party, hosted at Shipley’s office. The Kittys are there, handing out cake and drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise). A bail enforcement agent named Levi Sickles arrives, carrying various candies made by his wife Natalie.

Old Man Starr drops in, grousing that he is out $50,000 because of a bail jumper, and congratulates Gentry on his retirement. He gives Gentry a gift. Gentry opens it to find a stack of one hundred $1 bills and a business card for “the finest strip joint in Hawaii.” Starr vouches for the quality of the establishment as he leaves.

Chain arrives at the party, and proceeds to engage in drinking.

Charlotte becomes aware of a rise in weapon and armor sales into the disputed area formerly under Carita’s domain – the same territory Kevin is slowly bringing under his own control – but does not know who is supplying the materials.

Sofia Stuyvek fires her lawyer via social media, claiming he was “not supportive” of her emotional needs.

Onyx pops into the party briefly, bearing a bottle of champagne for Gentry.

Tanya meets Cleo, the owner of Gentry’s favorite late-night chili restaurant. Tanya makes a note of the location in case she finds herself hungry while working late.

Brian Joseph Tucker arrives at the party. He mostly just sits in one corner looking at his phone. Tasha and Bill take turns covering each other at First Bail Bonds so each can wish Gentry goodbye and good luck.

Rooster comes to the party. He presents Gentry with (yet another) bottle of wine, and Levi gives Rooster a bag of candy his wife made for him. Rooster introduces himself to Tucker and says he hopes that Tucker will live up to the fine standards set by Gentry.

A couple of deputy clerks drop in on their way to work across the street. Gentry’s former employee Dave – who resigned to finish college when Gentry announced his retirement – comes by and gives Gentry a bottle of Scotch.

Kitty F. begins dancing on Shipley’s desk, and gives Gentry a $1 bill to tip her with. Chain and a couple others also tip her.

Jeremy accompanies Amara to a meeting with her contact, Vanavian, down at the docks. Vanavian arrives by boat with his own bodyguard, and has 3 briefcases with him. The first contains music-related electronics. The second briefcase is filled with medical electronics. The last one has interactive digital entertainment suites, primarily of the type starring analogs of celebrities who would not consent to licensing their likenesses to this sort of entertainment. Vanavian brags how he got hold of a chip with a cracked simulation of singer Lilly Perez, the first one with her on it.

As Tanya leaves the party, she hears Gentry’s phone beep with a notification. He has found an extra $1000 suddenly deposited to his account. Once outside, Tanya receives a similar notification, finding $1000 in her account as well. She just sighs, wondering what Broken Saint is up to now.

Having seen or heard no sign of her partner Hope Stevenson in over 3 months, Tanya files for full custody of Artemis Group.

Amy Velez and Mike Peterman begin a proposal for an anti-crime bill, to put more cops on the street and restore order in the inner city, specifically the where Kevin is applying scorched earth tactics.

Tony is now working at The Warehouse. neither failing nor distinguishing himself.


QUOTE: “A known weakness can be better than a known strength.”



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