Cyberpunk 202X


week Of Oct 20 2025

Vlad and Porter’s man find Fatal Mission on tour, unharmed. Tao is shocked, says that the singer Denny Kincaid should be comatose. Vlad threatens to get the info they really want and Tao recites names again. He explains how the attack should have gone off and says Justin Barnhart and Zee-roX were involved.

Tao also explains that their friend Zen supplied the program used against Kaden Garcia last year. Vlad asks how Tao knows this – he says Zen was their friend before he and a netrunner called The Omega were killed by someone unknown in an unsuccessful attempt to get the program.

Vlad tells all this to Porter, who confirms Tao’s statements. He agrees to let Tao and Qi go if they can answer his questions about the program and the nuclear materials.

Vlad asks Tao where the materials were coming from – Tao doesn’t know, the Russians supplied it to them. Vlad asks where the materials were going TO – Tao wants a guarantee of freedom and enough money to set themselves up elsewhere in exchange for that information.

Von and a driver go to Justin Barnhart’s house. A roommate says Barnhart isn’t home, and asks who Von is. Von refuses to identify himself. Roommate closes the door. Von goes around back and sleep gasses the house, and later collects the roommate.



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