Cyberpunk 202X


Week Of Sept 8 2025

Tanya wakes up in intense pain and is shocked to realize she’s in Dr. January’s clinic. She tries to ask what happened, but it’s difficult for her to speak. The Doctor asks Tanya the same question, wondering what she was doing with John and Jakes that she nearly got her face blown off.

Tanya mentions the word “briefcases” but the Doctor knows nothing of them. Tanya’s phone is missing, so she writes a note for the Doctor to call Porter. She calls and explains Tanya’s injuries to Porter, who asks to talk directly to Tanya. Porter instructs Tanya to say nothing and just wait to be picked up. If possible, she should try to get the phone back.

John and Jakes repeatedly insist that they talk with Tanya. Tanya eventually relents, but gives up no information. Jakes has the phone that Tanya got from Porter for the mission – there are About 8 contacts in it, all using code names. Jakes asks Tanya again who shes is, mentioning that he will find out one way or another, having taken a photo of her. Tanya identifies herself as a bail enforcement agent, and gives Jakes the phone number for Artemis Group. John gives back the phone, and explains that his group had been attacked by someone using a rocket launcher. He wants to know who the attackers were working for. Tanya says she doesn’t know.

John and Jakes leave and wait across the street for Tanya’s pickup. Two men drive up, and Tanya gets in the car. She tells the men to call Porter – the Doctor had told Tanya that J & J had been attacked en route to intercepting Tanya, and they now have Tanya’s name. One of the men in the car purchases several days worth of necessary drugs for Tanya.

John and Jakes attempt to follow the car with Tanya, but lose it. They return to base to arrange the deal with Kevin’s anonymous patron. The stolen materials are to be delivered overnight. Kevin reports to the patron that his men found no sign of Tao, Qi, or the Russians. The patron wants one briefcase of money and the materials – Kevin can keep the other briefcase and will be given a bomb within 48 hours. Kevin describes the “enthusiastic interruption” of the mission by unknown men and suggests the patron search for a leak on his end.

Tanya returns to dockside. She is offered a meal, but she asks only for a milkshake. Once in Porter’s office, she recounts the events of the previous night – the successful mission, the vans boxing her in and swerving to avoid a collision, and the sudden burst of pain, and then waking up in the doctor’s office and what happened there.

Broken Saint arrives. Porter thanks him for his help and offers him a gift certificate to the Chinese restaurant of his choice. Saint picks Loo Pang’s off of Exit 5, stating that their food is “excellent to the max.”

Saint looks over to the injured Tanya and her shake and says “Well, THIS should be interesting.” Tanya shows him her middle finger.

Porter offers to put Tanya up somewhere safe for a while, and also says he will cover her board and medical expenses up to between 1/3 and 1/2 of the $1 million she would have been paid had her mission been successful.

Lana Prescott is taken to the emergency room. The doctors are mystified by her condition. No ransom demands for a counter program have been made yet.

Kevin finds the website for Artemis Group and their subscription service, verifying that Tanya was indeed who she claimed to be. He emails Tanya, stating that he is aware of her outside activities. If she does not want them to come to light, she should meet with him. He includes his physical address.

Broken Saint suggests to Porter that Tanya tell Kevin she was working for Brian Joseph Tucker, and that he sent Tanya to pick up money and whatever else was in a van driven by the Russians, saying the Russians owed Tucker. Saint asks what happened to the shipment – Kevin got it. the GPS was active until the van got into Kevin’s territory.

After Saint leaves, Tanya asks Porter about protection for her father.

Broken Saint hacks into the boot sequence of Tanya’s home and work computers and inserts a photo of himself that will display for 1 second during the bootup.

Tony patches things up with Sister Scissor and gets promotion at the Warehouse.



Casandra mentions a brush with death, to which the Referee replies “Death gave you a hell of a kiss with a steel-jacketed tongue.”

Allason – “My threat level is debatable!”
Raymond – “…said every person in this room.”



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