Cyberpunk 202X

Burning Down The House

Week Of Nov 11 2024


Tanya and Hope take Razor back to jail, and leave the paperwork for Shipley with his night receptionist.


Tanya gets a call from the Kenton County Courthouse, receiving permission by the judge to pick up Wendell Goss in Kentucky. She has other matters to attend to first, however.


Maybe you know where you are
Fightin’ fire with fire

Tanya and Hope drive over to Jake Smith’s house, where Goss is said to be staying. They wait, then Hope stays behind while Tanya goes to check the bar Goss was sighted at. Goss isn’t there, but the bartender remembers her and waves. Tanya drives back to meet up with Hope again. They are deciding what to do when Jake walks out of his house. They then see Goss step outside and gun it to move their car in place behind Jake’s, so he can’t get out. Goss fumbles with the keys to the door, then runs off toward the back of the house. Tanya runs around the other side of the house and sees Goss pulling a tarp off his pickup truck and yanking out a flamethrower hose. Hope levels a gun at Jake and keeps watch on him.

Goss fires off the flamethrower, setting some grass on fire. He shoots again on the other side of the truck, setting grass and part of Jake’s house aflame, right next to the driver side door of the truck. Goss grabs a shotgun from the bed of the truck and shoots wildly, then runs aside the truck and starts to get into the passenger side. Tanya pops up and shoots him in the right arm. Goss drops the gun but manages to get into the truck and starts sliding into the driver’s seat. Tanya risks the flames and opens the driver’s side, punches Goss in the head. and drags him out of the truck.

Jake hears the gunfire and runs to the back of the house, Hope following him. Jake is freaked to see his house and backyard on fire.

Tanya drops Goss to the ground and cuffs him. Jake runs over, screaming and kicking hard at Goss. Hope pulls Jake away and says he should get the garden hose and spray the fire. Hope calls 911 on her phone.

Police and Fire soon show up, and Tanya places Goss in the caged back area of her SUV. Goss kicks at the windows futilely. Tanya and Hope show their IDs, warrant, and bail paperwork to the cops. Tanya lets an EMT take a look at Goss, with a couple officers standing guard. Goss tries to resist, and the cops mace him. The EMT dresses his wound well enough for transport, and the cops let them all go.

They deliver Goss to jail, get the paperwork signed, and drop it off at Shipley’s.

Charlotte ferries a disposable phone to Double-G in the Combat Zone. Charlotte calls him and makes an offer about unifying the disputed territories. Double-G laughs her off.

Here’s your ticket

Broken Saint hears about Lana Prescott performing at the Grand Opening for Upstairs At Eric’s. He is very curious about the fact that Lana has no voice, and uses some kind of advanced chipset implanted in her neck to sing. He hacks into Eric’s system, and rigs it so he will be one of the five fans to meet Lana after the show. He then looks into the Tsurigo corporation, who developed the chips, but can’t get very far into their system. He forges a data trail leading to somewhere in Wales, and gets out. He makes a fake ID with the name “Trey Montgomery” on it to use at the show.


Shipley calls Tanya about her payment. She and Hope divvy up their funds, settling accounts for helping with each other’s pickups.

makes arrangements with Alistair to take out a Fixer in the disputed territories named Pimpf, to prove to 2G that Charlotte is serious about bringing order to the streets there.

Sometimes I listen to myself
Gonna come in first place

Hope goes to see the premiere of Null Machine’s new album at Top Cat’s. She keeps a low profile, so Nolo doesn’t see her. Razor is not there, he’s still in jail. Nolo apologizes to the crowd for Razor not being there, blaming it on “our broken, fascist system.” He wonders aloud whether he should try singing Razor’s vocal parts, or simply play Razor’s vocal tracks from the recorded tracks. Hope shouts out, “Let the music decide!” Nolo takes the advice and does a combination of both, playing Razor’s vocals, but not at full volume, and singing along with them himself. Nolo channels his anger into a brilliant show.


“Trey Montgomery” arrives at Eric’s. He hangs out for an hour until the show begins.

Lana Prescott, the Digital Nightingale, is introduced and welcomed back to her home state of Kentucky. Lana starts her performance, singing for over an hour to great response from the audience.

Watch out
You might get what you’re after

A sniper named “Jax,” working for Charlotte, executes Pimpf from a rooftop. The sniper is so far away that Pimpf falls over dead before the sound of the gunshot reaches the area, frightening everyone. Charlotte’s men then roll in and start laying down the new law.

Hold tight
Wait till the party’s over

Lana brings down the house at Eric’s, and after the show meets with the five fans who won the contest. A couple of them startle her slightly, including “Trey,” who is very anxious to meet her and seems very focused on her collar. she does a photo op with them, signs autographs, and thanks everyone for coming to her show.



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