Cyberpunk 202X

Week Of Nov 10 2025


Broken Saint bolts to one of Porter’s safehouses in Northern Kentucky to keep away from radiation and fallout. 1st Bail Bonds and other bondsmen are closed due to emergency.

The death toll is into the thousands in the wake of the nuclear explosion.

Saint is informed of the disappearances of Lana Prescott and Zee-roX, and of the abduction of Justin Barnhart. He starts an online forum about alien abductions as a cover.
Tanya Omari has not been seen in some time. Artemis Group falls into legal limbo.

Justin Barnhart tells the police he was kidnapped by men seeking to get a ransom from a wealthy family. The kidnappers released Barnhart once they realized they had the wrong person…. and kidnapped Barnhart’s roommate, Vincent Coldwell. Coldwell has not been seen since.

Broken Saint drops searches the hacker community to try to find out what happened to Zee-roX. Saint knows his hacker name and his real name, Paul Brooks. Two hackers, “Mary the Q” (Zee-roX’s platonic girl who is a friend) and “D0min8r” are worried about him but don’t know what happened. Everyone else is indifferent (at best). Mary last saw him the night before he disappeared, and says he was being “very supportive” of her.

Saint goes to Zee-roX’s apartment. The place is dusty from not being touched since the police tape came down. He searches vents and slashes open the bed, but finds no hidden items or secret compartments. He goes to see Mary the Q.

Introducing himself as Mr. Jason Smith from the online magazine “Haqr Forum,” he asks Mary questions about Zee-roX. she doesn’t know anything, but he leaves a card with a number for a burner phone on it in case she discovers anything.

Vlad travels into the shadier parts of the city searching for his daughter Vera. Von goes along out of boredom. Finding nothing in Walnut Hills, he seeks out Frost. Seeing a couple of Frost’s girls on a corner, he starts talking to them, and after some discussion, they arrange for Vlad and Von to meet Frost at a nearby White Castle.

Frost arrives, and answers Vlad’s questions – he had seen Vera in the company of two men named Wilton and Rady. Wilton had crossed Frost somehow – something about a debt not repaid – and Frost killed Wilton right there in the street. Frost offered Vera a job, but she didn’t say anything, so he left her with Rady. This was about 2 months ago.

Sofia Stuyvek is convicted of murdering her husband Pietro and sentenced to prison.

“I miss you guys” – Casandra

“I didn’t know she was aiming at me… because I sure didn’t miss her!” – Kyle

Head Count
Week Of Nov 3 2025

Von collects Justin Barnhart’s roommate and takes him to an abandoned building at the edge of the Combat Zone. Von question him, and finds out that Justin is at Tom’s Bar on the East Side with his girlfriend Suzie. Von shoots the man in the head and takes the body to Dr. January, who buys it for $300.

Von finds Justin and a few of his friends at Tom’s Bar. Von sleep gasses the entirety of the bar, although a few of the patrons manage to pull out phones, presumably to call 911. Von puts on a mask and enters the bar. He spots two patrons uasing their phones and shoots them through their heads. Von is careful to touch nothing except the person he is collecting for Porter.

Vlad leaves Tao and Qi – one of Porter’s men recognized some of the names Tao recited and nudges Vlad outside.

Von begins interrogating Justin. When he doesn’t answer, Von breaks on e of his fingers. Justin screams in pain but still doesn’t answer questions. Von says if Justin won’t talk then there’s no reason to keep him alive, and begins grinding the broken finger bones together. Justin says he’ll talk if he’s given his freedom… he has to support his girlfriend and elderly mother.

Von is relieved of questioning and Vlad takes over. Vlad has Porter’s okay to release Justin on condition he be paid off and keeps silent, or his girlfriend and mother will suffer for his disobedience. Justin reveals that he was given the program by Zee-roX and installed it on the computer in the studio that Fatal Mission was using. the band left a day or two early and Lana began using the studio – Justin wasn’t aware of this at the time. Lana was struck by the program instead. The program deleted itself from the stick when transferred to the computer, and the computer was confiscated, most likely by the police.

Von and Vlad are sent to retrieve Zee-roX, aka Paul Brooks. He is not at his apartment and all the computer gear has been taken. The place has been tossed – it appears to have been an abduction, not by police.

Justin is released and sent to Dr. January for treatment, with a promise of a future payment for his silence… and a threat if he breaks his silence.

After a couple of days, Vlad and Von are sent out to release the Russians. they are to be freed at the same place they were captured – Georgetown Kentucky. The two men dress in black clothing and masks to conceal their identities. They arrive at the warehouse around 3 AM, and the sedated Russians wake up about 30 minutes after that. They are bound but not gagged. One is taken by Vlad to a nearby grocery store to pick up one of the circulars in the rack outside, verifying the date.

Vlad holds up a phone – a man in dressed identically to Vlad and Von is speaking through it to the Russians via videocall. The Russians are told they have 12 hours to get out of the country, and are warned not to come within 500 miles of Georgetown ever again. If they do, a signal is permanently being broadcast that will detonate explosives implanted at the base of their skulls. If any of their associates should be sighted within 500 miles of Georgetown, one of three men will be killed by a remote satellite signal. The man on the phone demonstrates by setting off one of the explosives right then and there, killing one of the Russians. The two surviving Russians are told that if they tamper with the explosives, they will detonate. Vlad and Von untie the men, and leave them to find their own way away from Georgetown before the signal is activated.

The death toll from the explosion and fallout is in the thousands. Rioting is happening, emergency services are strained to near the breaking point, and the economy is crumbling.

week Of Oct 20 2025

Vlad and Porter’s man find Fatal Mission on tour, unharmed. Tao is shocked, says that the singer Denny Kincaid should be comatose. Vlad threatens to get the info they really want and Tao recites names again. He explains how the attack should have gone off and says Justin Barnhart and Zee-roX were involved.

Tao also explains that their friend Zen supplied the program used against Kaden Garcia last year. Vlad asks how Tao knows this – he says Zen was their friend before he and a netrunner called The Omega were killed by someone unknown in an unsuccessful attempt to get the program.

Vlad tells all this to Porter, who confirms Tao’s statements. He agrees to let Tao and Qi go if they can answer his questions about the program and the nuclear materials.

Vlad asks Tao where the materials were coming from – Tao doesn’t know, the Russians supplied it to them. Vlad asks where the materials were going TO – Tao wants a guarantee of freedom and enough money to set themselves up elsewhere in exchange for that information.

Von and a driver go to Justin Barnhart’s house. A roommate says Barnhart isn’t home, and asks who Von is. Von refuses to identify himself. Roommate closes the door. Von goes around back and sleep gasses the house, and later collects the roommate.

Week Of Oct 13 2025

Von arrives in River City in late September and begins familiarizing himself with the landscape. He makes several visits to The Laughing Dragon.

After learning of Dr. January and her business interests, Von travels to Lower Price Hill around 1 AM and finds a house with an older man living alone. Blocking the back door with a full trash can, he throws a container of poisonous gas into the house while the man is sleeping. After waiting about 30 minutes, he breaks into the house and collects the body. He takes it to Dr. January’s clinic and is introduced to the clinic’s security and purchasing processes. After examining the body, the Doctor buys it for $150, but advises Von that he would be better served just shooting the bodies through the head if he wishes to sell them here. Over the next week he sells two more bodies to the Doctor.

Von continues to patronize Laughing Dragon and learns more about other players in the city. He is eating at the Dragon when a burst of light flashes outside.

Vlad Kazan is driving north on I-75 toward River City. He is still some distance away when he sees a flash of light and what appears to be a small mushroom cloud. Drivers begin to panic, but Vlad manages to avoid collision. Some drivers stop and turn off, or even cross the median and begin driving south.

Vlad gets closer to the city but the bridge has been blocked by police. Vlad takes the exit and drives through Covington into Newport and gets a hotel room at Holiday Inn Express near the Levee.

Von pays for his meal and leaves. He returns home just long enough to gather his essentials and heads south. He finds a hotel room about 30 minutes away on the southern edge of Newport, away from the projected fallout path.

The next day, Vlad heads to see a man one of his contacts in Texas told him about – Arlen Porter, owner of Dockside Bar & Grill. He is seated and when a waitress arrives, he asks to speak to Porter about business. The waitress goes away for a minute, and upon returning tells him to go through a door across the room.

vlad goes through the door. It is slammed shut and someone attemtps to drop a bag over his head. vlad blocks it, and hears the sound of multiple rifles cocking. Vlad stops moving and shows his gun under his jacket. He is ordered to strip – he has no other weapons, and his clothes are placed in a trash bag. His head is bagged and he is taken to a room and seated on a chair.

Vlad offers his abilities to Porter – he can act as a guard, or hurt people. He makes an offer of help in order to receive help of his own. He explains that his daughter had been kidnapped two years ago and brought to River City. His two sons attempted to find her – their bodies were found in the Combat Zone soon after. is wife subsequently committed suicide. Vlad has no family left except for his daughter.

Porter’s men soon confirm Vera Kazan’s disappearance, the death of the sons, and the wife’s suicide, as well as Vlad being abroad in the military during all this. Vlad is taken to another room and shown two blindfolded, bound and gagged men. He is asked if he recognizes them. Vlad says he does not. Taken to a third room, Vlad is shown a man and a woman, also blindfolded and bound. He is told their names are Tao and Qi. He does not recognize them either.

Vlad is taken upstairs and given his clothes. After dressing, he is introduced to Porter. Having been apprised of Vlad’s situation, Porter may have use of Vlad’s knowledge of US and Russian militaries.

Von heads to see Porter, having picked up his name during his discovery process. He is spotted – the solos workign there recognize their own – and taken to a back room. When questioned, he says he is looking for work – killing work. He is left guarded in the room while a runner informs Porter, who agrees to using Von on a “trial run.” Von is blindfolded taken offsite to a “kitchen” where he is instructed to create a chemical that will induce extreme pain without causing permanent damage. Von is successful.

Von is retuned to Dockside in a waiting room of sorts. Vlad is taken to Tao and Qi and given the hypos of the chemical. Vlad assents to injecting them. Tao recognizes Vlad’s Russian accent and starts yelling about Vlad being “in with them” and that the Russians betrayed Tao and Qi. The pair are injected and begin screaming.

The pain wears off about 5 minutes later. One of Porter’s men says that Tao is correct, the Russians betrayed them. Vlad plays along. Tao and Qi give no information since they believe they will be killed mo matter what. The man kicks Tao and tells him to “think about it” for a while. Tao and Qi are left alone in the room.

Von is asked to make four more doses – for the two Russians as well as Tao and Qi. He agrees.

Porter’s men and Vlad return to Tao adn Qi’s room. They are asked again for information, but say nothing. One of the men says “Start with the intestinges” and Tao suddenly shouts that he has information about something else, something more valuable, in exchange for their freedom. He starts shouting out names, including Kaden Garcia and Shelby Phillips.

The man asks what Tao is talking about, and Tao says he has “a program.”

Tao claims that the program can incapacitate people, and has been used to do just that several times already. He claims that the program was used just the night before to attack a member of a local band called Fatal Mission.

Vlad and one of the men go upstairs to check out Tao’s claims. They find that Fatal Mission is currently playing the first concert of their new tour in Nebraska. All members of the band are present and appear unharmed.


Ground Zero
Week Of Sept 29 2025

Kevin Thornton wants to identify Tanya’s escorts/bodyguards but they have no wallets or IDs. Each body has minimal money ($300-$400 in cash), burner phones, prepaid debit cards, etc. The cars contain spare tires, extra ammo, and the like, but not much else. The surviving bodyguard is moved from Kevin’s base to a nearby warehouse.

Kevin drags Tanya’s body from the car and searches it, finding a phone acting as an open mic. He tosses it in a puddle to short it out. He has Tanya’s body taken to a nearby warehouse where it is incinerated. The bodies of Tanya’s escorts are sold to Dr. January for $2500.

John and Jakes attempt to get information from the surviving bodyguard, but he refuses to talk. They remove his fingers with bolt cutters, but he still remains silent. They ready a blowtorch to cauterize the wounds on his hands when he suddenly attacks, knocking the blowtorch at Jakes, burning his face and setting his shirt on fire. The guard runs for a window. John shoots but misses while a minion extinguishes the flames on Jakes. One of the men tackles the guard just before he reaches it. The men all dogpile on him and drag him back. They hamstring him so he can’t run, strap him to a chair, and cauterize his wounds. They take a photo and send it to base. The man is soon identified as Warren Costman, one of Porter’s agents – a good one, but not necessarily his elite.

Kevin buys a burner phone and calls Porter. He says that their interests appear to have diverged, and explains the incident with Tanya. He offers to make amends and to have Dr. January help Costman. He then offers to take Porter to Kevin’s meeting with his anonymous patron and gather info on where the nuclear material is coming from.

Jason Griggs assigns a couple of techs to find out what was done to the computer that transmitted the attack on Lana Prescott. They discover that the last person to use the computer was an intern named Justin Barnhart. He passes the information on to Carolyn Montgomery, his contact as Tsurigo. Carolyn urgers Griggs to keep the incident quiet for right now. Griggs reluctantly agrees.

Carolyn turns over the info to Tsurigo’s security chief in Kentucky, James Finegan. Finegan sends two of his men, Kendal and Aaron, to question Barnhart. A combination of bribery and threats persuades Barnhart to explain his part in the matter. He received the program from a local hacker named Zee-roX, and was told it was to collect information on the band Fatal Mission, who were accused of stealing a former member’s work. Fatal Mission had been using the studio until a day or two before Lana took it over – they left on tour a bit earlier than planned, freeing up the space for Lana.

Zee-roX was acting on behalf of Thomas Leeks, aka “Ronar Dark,” who was in the band Ragnarokk. Leeks was kicked out for excessive drug use and belligerent behavior, and the band dissolved, re-forming under the new name of Fatal Mission. Leeks accused the band, particularly songwriter Denny Kincaid, of using his material without permission or payment. Kincaid denies this, saying the band used all original material.

Finegan sets a couple netrunners on Zee-roX’s trail. They eventually find out he is Paul Brooks, and lives in a run-down apartment in the West End. Finegan sends a team to collect Brooks. A netrunner hacks his system, locking him out and sending a message – “Your worm failed / They’re on their way / G.O.N. / U owe me” (G.O.N. = Get Out Now). Brooks panics, and packs a gun and laptop and runs out to his car. Agents intercept the out-of-shape Brooks before he can get into his junker and tranq him with a stun dart. they load him into one of their cars and depart, heading for the airport to take him to Tsurigo’s Japan headquarters.

Porter sends several agents with Kevin to meet the anonymous patron. The meeting is at midnight at a dock not quite three miles west of downtown. Kevin brings 2 bodyguards – John and his samurai. They are met by Mr. Smith – the same Smith Kevin met when he annexed Pimpf’s territory. Smith brings out Kevin’s payment – a briefcase nuke. Kevin hands over the nuclear materials and the briefcase of money. Before Smith can load anything into his van, a parked vehicle nearby fires a grenade launcher at Smith’s van. It misses the van but it still goes off and does damage to the vehicle, rendering it undriveable. A firefight erupts, primarily Porter’s agents firing at Smith and his guards, wounding and killing each other. Kevin’s samurai attacks but a body falling onto him knocks him off balance, and his sword slices clean through John’s leg. Kevin runs to shoot Smith but slips on blood and falls. Smith shoots the samurai to no effect, who lunges toward Smith.

The man with the grenade launcher is taking aim when a bullet through his head makes him fire wildly, shooting a grenade into Kevin’s torso. Killed immediately, the stopping of Kevin’s heart triggers the deadman switch to the bomb in his briefcase, setting it off.

The explosion of Kevin’s briefcase bomb triggers the second briefcase bomb. The second explosion impacts roughly a 5 block diameter – Smith, Kevin’s men, and Porter’s agents are all vaporized… as are the nuclear material in the van, increasing the amount of radioactive fallout.

Broken Saint is at home and sees a flash of light, and thunder seconds later, but there is no rain. Saint immediately takes cover and swallows a pair of iodine pills.

Kendal and Aaron are transporting Zee-roX across the bridge – just before reaching the Kentucky side, they see the flash of light and the mushroom cloud to the west. Car windows are blown out all across the bridge, including their car, but Kendal manages to keep control and guns it, smashing through cars losing control and heading for the ramp that will take them to the airport.

Finegan is at University Hospital guarding Lana when he sees the flash. He rounds up his team and removes Lana from the hospital. Not wanting to risk driving through the fallout zone to get to the airport, he heads north, searching for another airport to charter a flight to Tsurigo HQ in Japan.

We Gotta Get One Thing Clear When We Go To The Citadel
Week Of Sept 22 2025

You’ll never be worse than me no
So get in the fucking car
We got us a world to bleed yeah

Porter sets Tanya up in a safe house on the West side. the house is on a back street just inside of Green Township. It appears to be unused, yet modestly furnished, as if being kept in a state of readiness for just such a situation.

Tanya has several days worth of drugs from Dr. January, mainly various types of painkillers. She still experiences bouts of extreme pain from being shot through her jaw.

Tanya agrees to meet with Kevin. She goes to Kevin’s place with a mic and an escort provided by Porter. Two of Porter’s men wait in cars nearby. Kevin asks what Tanya’s mission was. She says she was doing a job for Brian Joseph Tucker, a bail bondsman, and that she was to collect the van and anything in it, and that the Russians owed Tucker.

Kevin says Tanya is lying. She sticks to her story. John and Jakes shoot at her escort, both hitting his left arm. The escort shoots at John, striking his left leg. Tanya runs for the door – Kevin shoots at her but misses. One of the cars pulls up, and Tanya dives into the open back door, hitting her head and causing her severe pain. John shoots and misses, as the escort runs for the door. Jakes shoots the man in the leg, dropping him.

Kevin shoots the driver through the head. stranding Tanya. the other car pulls up parallel to it and flings open its back door for Tanya. John stomps on the escort’s arm to keep him from firing and levels his gun at the man’s head while Jakes takes his gun. Tanya scrambles into the other car, but Kevin shoots out the front right tire. Tanya shoots at Kevin, but it’s a glancing shot off his armored jacket. Jakes runs out the door and shoots the remaining driver through the head. Tanya jumps into the front of the car and pushes the driver’s leg down, flooring the pedal while she grabs the steering wheel. Jakes shoots out the back passenger tire, causing Tanya to crash into a telephone pole. Tanya manages to back up just enough to re-orient the car. Kevin shoots at her left hand on the wheel but misses. Tanya tries to gun it with her own leg over the dead driver’s but her boot slips off the bloody gas pedal. Jakes firers and hits Tanya’s right leg but her flak pants protect her. Kevin shoots her in the torso but her flak vest stops the bullet. Tanya guns the engine and stats to peel out but Jakes fires and shoots Tanya through the head.


Week Of Sept 8 2025

Tanya wakes up in intense pain and is shocked to realize she’s in Dr. January’s clinic. She tries to ask what happened, but it’s difficult for her to speak. The Doctor asks Tanya the same question, wondering what she was doing with John and Jakes that she nearly got her face blown off.

Tanya mentions the word “briefcases” but the Doctor knows nothing of them. Tanya’s phone is missing, so she writes a note for the Doctor to call Porter. She calls and explains Tanya’s injuries to Porter, who asks to talk directly to Tanya. Porter instructs Tanya to say nothing and just wait to be picked up. If possible, she should try to get the phone back.

John and Jakes repeatedly insist that they talk with Tanya. Tanya eventually relents, but gives up no information. Jakes has the phone that Tanya got from Porter for the mission – there are About 8 contacts in it, all using code names. Jakes asks Tanya again who shes is, mentioning that he will find out one way or another, having taken a photo of her. Tanya identifies herself as a bail enforcement agent, and gives Jakes the phone number for Artemis Group. John gives back the phone, and explains that his group had been attacked by someone using a rocket launcher. He wants to know who the attackers were working for. Tanya says she doesn’t know.

John and Jakes leave and wait across the street for Tanya’s pickup. Two men drive up, and Tanya gets in the car. She tells the men to call Porter – the Doctor had told Tanya that J & J had been attacked en route to intercepting Tanya, and they now have Tanya’s name. One of the men in the car purchases several days worth of necessary drugs for Tanya.

John and Jakes attempt to follow the car with Tanya, but lose it. They return to base to arrange the deal with Kevin’s anonymous patron. The stolen materials are to be delivered overnight. Kevin reports to the patron that his men found no sign of Tao, Qi, or the Russians. The patron wants one briefcase of money and the materials – Kevin can keep the other briefcase and will be given a bomb within 48 hours. Kevin describes the “enthusiastic interruption” of the mission by unknown men and suggests the patron search for a leak on his end.

Tanya returns to dockside. She is offered a meal, but she asks only for a milkshake. Once in Porter’s office, she recounts the events of the previous night – the successful mission, the vans boxing her in and swerving to avoid a collision, and the sudden burst of pain, and then waking up in the doctor’s office and what happened there.

Broken Saint arrives. Porter thanks him for his help and offers him a gift certificate to the Chinese restaurant of his choice. Saint picks Loo Pang’s off of Exit 5, stating that their food is “excellent to the max.”

Saint looks over to the injured Tanya and her shake and says “Well, THIS should be interesting.” Tanya shows him her middle finger.

Porter offers to put Tanya up somewhere safe for a while, and also says he will cover her board and medical expenses up to between 1/3 and 1/2 of the $1 million she would have been paid had her mission been successful.

Lana Prescott is taken to the emergency room. The doctors are mystified by her condition. No ransom demands for a counter program have been made yet.

Kevin finds the website for Artemis Group and their subscription service, verifying that Tanya was indeed who she claimed to be. He emails Tanya, stating that he is aware of her outside activities. If she does not want them to come to light, she should meet with him. He includes his physical address.

Broken Saint suggests to Porter that Tanya tell Kevin she was working for Brian Joseph Tucker, and that he sent Tanya to pick up money and whatever else was in a van driven by the Russians, saying the Russians owed Tucker. Saint asks what happened to the shipment – Kevin got it. the GPS was active until the van got into Kevin’s territory.

After Saint leaves, Tanya asks Porter about protection for her father.

Broken Saint hacks into the boot sequence of Tanya’s home and work computers and inserts a photo of himself that will display for 1 second during the bootup.

Tony patches things up with Sister Scissor and gets promotion at the Warehouse.



Casandra mentions a brush with death, to which the Referee replies “Death gave you a hell of a kiss with a steel-jacketed tongue.”

Allason – “My threat level is debatable!”
Raymond – “…said every person in this room.”

Week Of Sept 1 2025

These are the times
And these are the days
When everyone knows
And everyone prays

Broken Saint leaves Dr. January’s clinic is about to cross the bridge to Dockside when he sights black vans with armed men heading south, including John and Jakes. He calls Porter, who instructs him to follow the vans while Porter assembles his men. Saint realizes the vans are not headed for Dockside. Porter says to keep following until ordered to break off.

Saint calls Kevin and says there is a .50 caliber aimed at one of Kevin’s vans in a vain attempt to intimidate Kevin. Saint follows for several miles, until Porter’s men catch up around milepost 6 and order Saint off.

2 lookouts in the vans notices 2 vans and 2 motorcycles carrying AK-47s setting up a “box” maneuver. One of Porter’s van takes far left lane and pulls up parallel with the front van, then drops its tinted window and levels a rocket launcher at the back on the lead van. The lead van fires through its windows, shooting through the head of the man with the launcher. Two collisions result. Kevin’s men shoot again at Porter’s van, sending it careening across the center divide and crashing into an oncoming car in the northbound lane, causing a pileup.

One of the motorcycles is dispatched by Kevin’s men, while the other is attacked and sent crashing into the center divide.

A car is caught in the crossfire between vans, rupturing the gas tank and causing a small explosion. Kevin’s men just plow right through it, knocking the burning car sideways. The men fire at the remaining van of Porter’s, hitting the engine block multiple times and killing one of the men inside. Another van of Kevin’s manages to kill the driver as well. Someone jumps up to grab the wheel, but it careens rightward into other cars, colliding with them as the van rolls off the road.

A shooter in one of Kevin’s vans is rocked by a collision with another car, causing him to lose grip and misfire, killing himself. Another black van shoots at Porter’s van, blowing out a tire and causing it to crash into the center divide.

Having successfully routed Porter’s attack, the vans take a ramp off the interstate and loop around into the northbound highway and wait for Tanya’s approach.

Once Tanya catches up to them, the vans begin a box maneuver, taking advantage of the slowdown created by the crash of Porter’s van up ahead. Tanya tried to evade, but the traffic slowdown constrains her. One of Kevin’s men shoots at Tanya – she takes a bullet through her jaw and out her upper neck. Her van rolls into a ditch. Kevin’s men recover everything from the van – including Tanya – before torching it with a Molotov.

They reach one of Kevin’s safe houses. Not trusting their phones, they send a runner to inform Kevin of everything that transpired. john and Jakes and some muscle take Tanya to Dr. January for stabilization, and hopefully identification. The men have no idea who Tanya is, or who attacked them. Jakes tells the Doctor to patch up Tanya so she can talk, but not to worry too much about cosmetics. One of Kevin’s men who took a bullet to the knee is also treated.

Kevin arranges to deliver the nuclear material to his anonymous patron, and will negotiate payment in the form of another bomb.


[Raymond told to roll a D10, and if he gets a 3 or a 5 he notices John or Jakes in a black van with armed men. He rolls a 3.]
“I have a horseshoe stuck up my ass! What can I say?” – Raymond

“Somehow I get the feeling this is going to make the evening news.” – Kyle, after rocket launcher is fired

SEASON 1 FINALE: Crossing Bridges
Week Of July 8 2025

A whisper went ’round on the dark side of town
And anything that could go wrong
Is going wrong right now

Reid McGregor and Draven Young are charged with murder and jailed. Reid killed Carter Halpin aka “Wire,” who was firing a weapon at the two men. Reid also accidentally killed Walter Grimes, a 23 y.o. black male who was a patron at the bar. Draven accidentally killed Darius Green, a 31 y.o. black male who was a patron. Bond for both men is set at $100,000. Reb Afterburn is returned to jail and has an additional bond of $4000 added.

Thomas Rhine has not reported to work with the electric company since he went to his brother-in-law’s house. Broken Saint asks Victor Leopold to find and interrogate Rhine about who impersonated Rhine regarding the Jackson Teledigital bombing.

Porter instructs Broken Saint to bail out Reid and Draven. Saint is given a nondescript van to bring the men to Dockside. He is to answer no questions, only tell them they are meeting the man granting their freedom.

Porter calls Tanya Omari about a possible job.

Detective Grimes pays a visit to Chef Rodney.

With Jeremy Jhones on trial, Amara Delaney begins the process of finding a replacement bodyguard.

Beverly Moore has a friend examine her hacked computer, while she tracks down leads on the recent explosions.

Closing arguments are presented in Sofia Stuyvek’s trial. Deliberations begin.

8 AM Tuesday morning –
Brian Joseph Tucker posts bond for Reid and Draven. They are eventually released and and Tucker transports them to Dockside around 11:30.

Kevin handcuffs a briefcase to his wrist, appearing to carry guns. If examined closely,
a wire can be seen going up his sleeve.

Lana is provided with cyberaudio implants courtesy of Tsurigo and Undagroundz to enable her to expand her range of music – an ultra and infrasound market has grown among audiophiles who have such implants. She begins experimenting with sounds above and below normal human hearing to incorporate them into her music.

Porter assembles Broken Saint, Tanya, Reid, and Draven. They are sent to Georgetown, Kentucky, where Tao and Qi are meeting with their Russian contacts. Porter claims they have nuclear materials – they are to be brought back if possible, destroyed if necessary. Tao, Qi, and the Russians are to be captured alive if possible and brought to Porter.

That night, Broken Saint travels to Georgetown via borrowed motorcycle, while the rest take two of Porter’s vans.

In Georgetown, a long and drawn out firefight ensues. Several hired guns are killed, but a few are captured more-or-less alive. Tazz, a known associate of Tao and Qi, is present, but suffers the misfortune of his weapon exploding in his hand. Tao, Qi, Tazz, and the two Russians are captured.

The bodies and Porter’s motorcycle are stuffed into one van, while the survivors and the nuclear materials are placed in the other. Saint drives the bodies to Dr. January’s clinic. The Doctor, noticing broken glass on Saint from where he jumped through an office window at the warehouse, inquires “How did everybody else come out?” Seeing Saint’s reaction, she adds “It’s not like I expect you did this by yourself.” The Doctor pays for the bodies and agrees to clean out Porter’s van. Broken Saint hops on the motorcycle and heads for Dockside.

Reid and Draven torch the van driven by the Russians, then depart for Dockside in Tao and Qi’s van. Tanya drives Porter’s van containing the nuclear materials and 2 briefcases filled with money. She still has nearly an hour and a half until she arrives at Dockside.

Kevin receives a call from his supplier – the materials he purchased have not arrived. He dispatches a team to recover the materials. They approach the bridge to Kentucky to intercept Tanya, preferably away from cities and towns.

Lana is in the studio, jacked into the computer, using her cyberaudio and vocal chips to experiment with sounds outside human hearing. Suddenly she notices a download already in progress, nearly completed. She is struck by sharp pain and bombarded by a high-pitched screeching sound. The pain subsides slightly as the download is completed, and she hears an unnerving tone on an infrasound frequency, too low for unaided human hearing. Her phone rings. Overwhelmed by pain and anxiety, she tries to scream, emitting only a small noise. As she drops to the floor, she sees the name “Darren Land” on her phone.




“I wish I could roll 10s.” – Casandra.

There's Still Time To Make One More Bad Decision
Week Of June 30 2025


“This is what it came to.” – Draven Young

Candy acquires a couple of “staffers” – a homeless man and a young 20-something girl.They run an occasional errand for Candy and sometimes bring her coffee.

The anti-crime bill sponsored by Council members Velez and Peterman gains support. Several prominent figures have stated their official positions on the bill -

Amy Velez [ R ]
Mike Peterman [ R ]
Thomas Barron [ D ]
Kevin Slater [ D ]
Melissa Lake [Horizon Entertainment]
David Arnett {Jackson TeleDigital]
Drew Clifton [American Bail Bonds]
Victor Leopold [The Fine Boatman]
Phoebe Chun [The Laughing Dragon]

Alicia Davis [ R ]
Desmond Unger [ R ]
Walter Jensen [District Attorney]
Michael Lind {Prosecutor]
Josiah Shipley [Platinum Bail Bonds]
Merrye Joh [The Broken Prayer]
Juan Diaz [CQ Unlimited]

Kevin Thornton shares the information he has on local politicians with Broken Saint.

Tsurigo has struck a deal with Undagroundz Studios. Lana Prescott will start recording at Undagroundz within the week.

Attorneys make their closing arguments in the trial of Sofia Stuyvek, who is charged with murdering her husband Pietro. Sofia denies killing him, arguing that is she had killed him, it would have been done much more efficiently and beneficially to her. “Good for nothing Pietro. He couldn’t even die right!”

Bounty hunters Reid McGregor and Draven Young come to River City seeking a bond skip… Robert Corvens, aka Reb Afterburn. Reb is out on bail for charges of felonious assault, and fled Indianapolis. He is grafted into his motorcycle. His friend Carter Halpin (aka “Wire”), a known drug dealer, has come with him.

Reb was arrested in River City on a misdemeanor assault charge, and was bonded out by Shipley. Reid and Draven head to Platinum Bail Bonds first thing in the morning. They ask Shipley about Reb, but Shipley does not know Reb’s whereabouts. They make arrangements with Shipley to reimburse him for his bail money, in exchange for taking Reb back to Indiana right away instead of standing trial in River City.

Reid and Draven soon discover where Reb is when Reb starts tearing up a bar in Walnut Hills. A they head over to the bar, Kevin dispatches his samurai to take care of the problem. Reid and Draven arrive just as the samurai does, who hangs back and watches.

Reid and Draven manage to subdue Reb, but kill Wire and two civilians in the process. As they are loading Reb into their van, chaining his tires so he can’t escape, the samurai leaps into the van. Holding a knife to Reb’s throat, he says, “If you ever come back, you won’t leave.” The samurai makes his exit, as Reid and Draven drive off.

Within minutes, Dr. January’s men begin picking up bodies from the bar.

Reid and Draven return to the Justice Center with Reb. Both hunters are arrested and charged with murder.

Phone video from the incident at the bar is uploaded almost immediately.



“No, not youtube.coma!” – Raymond


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