Cyberpunk 202X

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Week Of June 16 2025

No game this week due to GXO illness.

Week Of June 9 2025

An explosion goes off inside Jackson TeleDigital 4th Street offices.

Evidence, including video, indicates that a C4 explosive went off at 11:37 AM on Thursday June 5 2025 inside the desk of an employee, Michael Johnson. Papers and a computer document found at Johnson’s house link him to “The Liberated,” a gang operating in the Combat Zone. The documents outline Johnson’s plan to kill Melissa Lake, who was scheduled for a meeting at Jackson TeleDigital that day. It is believed that Johnson planned a suicide bombing, but the bomb went off prematurely.

Melissa Lake is with Horizon Entertainment, and was to meet with David Barnett. Both are vocal supporters of the proposed anti-crime bill.

Tucker resorts to hiring the Kittys to recover a bond skip.

Toby Walker, the “Ultimate Loser” of the last Kentucky Rage event at JAZZ, is last seen coming home from classes at Northern Kentucky University on Friday June 6. Police are offering a reward for any information leading to his recovery.

Broken Saint delivers information about Vanavian to Victor Leopold. Saint is paid $1500.

Kevin calls Saint asking if Saint knows anything about who caused the recent spate of explosions.

Saint asks Porter to acquire Michael Johnson’s home computer, which is presently in police custody. Porter later calls him back and tells Saint to be at the Waffle House across the river at noon on Tuesday. Upon arriving in the parking lot, a server comes out with a couple of bags and says “Here’s your order, sir.” Saint hands the server a data chip with $2000 in digital currency. Saint stashes the bags, and then goes in and orders waffles and chicken.

The bags given to Broken Saint contain the hard drive and a few other pieces from Johnson’s computer. Saint discovers documents about attacks on blacks and a plan to kill Lake and Barnett for their support of “a racist bill.” Saint discovers that these files were actually created only a few days ago.

Saint also examines Johnson’s financial records from recent weeks. After thorough cross-examination, Saint finds that the suspect files show timestamped activity at an ATM downtown simultaneous with the creation of the files. Saint checks around outside and learns that a meter man visited Johnson’s hoome right around that time.

Posing as a “bereaved relative” of Johnson’s, Saint calls the power company wanting to turn off the electricity to the house, and asks about the meter man’s recent visit. The powercompany employee informs Saint that the next meter reading was scheduled for next week.

Saint discovers that the van from the power company did visit Johnson’s block last week, but only stopped at one house – Johnson’s. An employee named Thomas Rhine was on duty that day. Rhine’s face is similar but not identical to that of the man who entered Johnson’s house.

Saint burns a proxy phone and calls Rhine, claiming Rhine has won a gift certificate to a Chinese Restaurant. Rhine says he told scammers to quit calling and hangs up. Saint calls back later, posing as a bank employee and saying there is a discrepancy in Rhine’s account, that they made an error and will fix it if Rhine comes in at noon tomorrow.

Saint calls Victor, asking who could be responsible for the second explosion in Kevin’s territory. Victor says it’s possible that The Liberated did it, but could also be several other people, or a new player on the scene.

Kevin decides to presume that he is under federal surveillance, and begins making arrangements around that.

The Kittys return Tucker’s bond skip, saying how easy it was. The man skipped on drug charges and is a known user, so the Kittys simply waited for him to get so high he passed out, and collected him then. Tucker pays the Kittys $200 each.

The next day, Saint waits in a coffeehouse across from Rhine’s bank. Rhine appears nervous, and Saint notices a well-concealed firearm. Rhine has an agitataed conversation with confused bank employees. Rhine leaves, peeling out of the parking lot fast.Saint hacks the streetcams, and follows Rhine to his home. Saint hops in his motorcycle and arrives just as Rhine is leaving his house, carrying a duffel bag.

Saint says he is there regarding work ethics, and that there is a discrepancy in the work records at the power company. “Like an error?” Rhine sneers, getting into his car and speeding away.

Saint follows him to a house. Watching with IR, he sees what appears to be a family inside. Rhine has an animated conversation with the man in the house, then eventually goes upstairs for the night.

Breaking into Rhine’s house, Saint finds a stash of money and drugs, but nothing to link him to the explosion at Jackson TeleDigital.

Chef Rodney unveils his latest recipe for meat pie, to accolades from the public.

Drawing The Net
Week Of June 2 2025

Most of Walnut Hills has quieted down after the explosion, but there have been a few attacks on cops, and two on other emergency personnel.

2 bodies were identified in the room where the explosion originated – a white Hispanic male named Enrique Sams age 23 and a student at the University of River City. Sams had been studying nuclear physics prior to his death. The other body has not yet been identified.

Kevin continues operations, but in a bit more subdued manner.

Charlotte makes inquiries of the known players in the city, asking how “those people” (alleged terrorists) could have gotten into her own backyard.

Kevin and Jakes visit Victor Leopold. Kevin asks who would have the means to bring such materials into the city. Victor replies that he doesn’t know who did so, but several people coulds have managed it – including himself and Kevin. Victor gives Kevin a friendly “warning” – Charlotte was told that if she could take the area, she could keep it. She had better keep it before someone else takes it.

Kevin steps up security, Pairing men on the streets watching for unusual or suspicisous activities.

Two days later, there is an explosion in Mt. Auburn, at the southwest edge of Kevin’s territory. A car rolled in, and shortly thereafter blew up. It appeared to be a nuke that didn’t detonate quite properly – it caused significant damage, but not as much as a nuclear device would, while trace levels of radiation were detected.



Boom And Bust
Week Of May 19 2025

Lana goes to Undagroundz Studios to meet Jason Griggs. Carolyn Montgomery of Tsurigo goes with her. Lana explains that she wants to find her new voice and believes Undagroundz can help her do that. After some discussion, Griggs and Montgomery decide that perhaps a licensing arrangement would be best – Tsurigo would recive a percentage of profits from Lana’s work at Undagroundz, and Undagroundz would benefit from Tsurigo’s extensive marketing and distribution networks. Lana benefits from being able to explore new directions through Undagroundz’s experience in the electronic music genre, and gets to record close to home instead of in Japan.. Griggs and Montgomery agree to begins drawing up contracts.

JAZZ presents another Kentucky Rage! event. Five contestants enter, engaging in combat via French cuisine. One contestant goes home sick (rumored to be from his own food). The winner will be promoted by Chef Rodney. The loser sits down at the Table Of Loss & Shame and is given a meal consisting of a bowl of dirt, with shredded cheese and soup crackers.

Tanya drops in on Tucker at 1st Bail Bonds to see if he has any skips. Latisha Mann has jumped a $2000 bail on a charge of passing bad checks, and must be found by morning or the judge will forfeit the bond. Tucker snds Tanya after Latisha and says “Remind her that I still have the lien on her daughter’s car.” Tanya goes to Latisha’s residence in the West End. Her daughter Shanille answers. Tanya identifies herself as a bail enforcement agent. Shanille asks her to wait and goes upstairs, confronting Latisha and asking “Did you write another hot check?”

Rick makes significant strides while working on Kevin’s project. Big enough strides that David can’t keep up, and makes a miniscule but critical error, resulting in an explosion that takes out the entire building and damages the adjacent ones, and starting a fire in one of them.

shanille brings Latisha downstairs and hands her over to Tanya’s custody. On the ramp from 8th Street into downtown, Tanya sees a bright flash of light from the northeast, followed by what almost sounds like thunder. She manages to regain composure and dodge other swerving cars, and resumes driving to the Justice Center.

Kevin quickly plants a few paid “witnesses” to claim it was a terrorist cell that caused the explosion. He then sends a man to ask police and hazxmat team what’s going on, claiming he lives on that street. An officer tells him they don’t have any definite answers yet, but whispers that the man should take his family to a hospital to be on the safe side, and to keep quiet.

Tucker sees a flash of light in the sky and hears the boom. He recognizes tha epicenter as being inside Kevin’s territory. He calls up Kevin, distorting his voice and refusing to identify himself. When asked why Kevin should listen to him, Tucker drops Porter’s name. After a few minutes of circular discussion, Tucker fears that Kevin may be close to deducing who he is and hangs up. Kevin suspects it may be Broken Saint or Loneshot who called.

Tanya asks around at the Justice Center about the explosion – no one knows anything. She finishes transferring Latisha to them and goes across the street to 1st Bail Bonds. Tucker pays her $2000 for collecting Latisha. After she leaves, her orders $60 of Chinese food and charges it to her account.

John and Jakes are divided on possible radiation from the explosion – John is concerned, but Jakes says there’s nothing to worry about. The men are similarly divided and unsure what to do until Kevin reassures them that there’s less radiation from the explosion than from a standard X-ray.

Tanya calls the rest home to check on her father – he’s fine but another resident was so terrified by the explosion that she went into cardiac arrest and died.

Broken Saint calls Porter, who says he is busy and will call back.

Darran Land calls Lana, saying he has a lead and will get back to her soon. Lana thanks him and resumes her search for a personal assistant.

Studio Projects
Week Of May 12 2025

Kevin searches for a couple of college students to work on his project. He ends up hiring Rick and David. Rick is eager to work on the project, and after a brief negotiation settles on $7500 as payment. David is less eager but more than adequately competent, and accepts $5000. They believe it will take 5 days to finish the project.

Kevin searches for family of each, in order to have leverage. Rick is actually Enrique, his name was Americanized, and has no family in the States. David is American, but being named Smith, Kevin has difficulty pinning down his family line.

Officer Hans Vogel discovers Candy in an alley with a “customer.” Candy claims to be assisting the man with a sore near his belt area. Hans looks closer, and to his regret discovers the man does indeed have a nasty looking sore.

Hans questions Candy about Black Ring Studios, a video ring specializing in various illegal forms of pornographic materials. unknown to Hans, Candy has appeared in one of their videos, and therefore she denies knowing anything about them. Candy also makes a few disparaging but highly clever comments to and about Hans, leading Hans to believe she is smarter than she appears.

Hans decides to ask a few pimps what they know, and begins searching for one in particular – Double-G.

David performs well enough on Kevin’s project, but Rick makes such strides that the project may be finished early. Kevin suspects Rick may have done something like this before.

Lana Prescott begins her search for a personal assistant. She also sets an appointment with Jason Griggs of Undagroundz Studios.

“The whore is smarter than me.” – Hans regarding Candy

Word Is Bonds
Week Of May 5 2025

Jeremy Jhones is bailed out of jail by Victor Leopold. He is given a lawyer by SilkE Corporation, Vincent Rothman.

Leopold also bails out Royce, his bodyguard, who actually killed the assassin who tried to kill Leopold.

Broken Saint receives a mysterious phone call.

Charlotte encounters some difficulty near the end stage of her plan to acquire certain sensitive materials.

Leopold invites Jeremy to the Fine Boatman for a chat. He explains why he posted Jeremy’s bond – partly as appreciation for what he did, and partly to establish consistency between him and Royce. Leopold asks Jeremy to tell his side of the story, which matches up well with Royce’s version of events. He tells Jeremy that since he risking a large amount of money on Jeremy, he is expected to make each and every court appearance until the case is concluded.

Leopold informs Jeremy that he would appreciate if Amara and/or SilkE repaid the percentage of the bond that Leopold will not be refunded once the trial is concluded, but says he will understand if it is not repaid, since he acted without consulting them first.

Kevin Thornton receives a mysterious phone call.

Deeper Shades Of Soul
Week Of Apr 28 2025

Jeremy is indicted for felonious assault and manslaughter against Jason Smythe and his bond revoked. He turns himself in. A new bond is set at $500,000.

Michael Royce (Victor Leopold’s bodyguard) is indicted for the murder of Jason Smythe and bond set at $1,000,000.

Broken Saint receives his new, improved synthskin. He can now change his skin to any color or pattern, but when experiencing strong emotions he may involuntarily change appearance/colors (requires COOL roll).

Tanya takes up pursuit of a bond skip named Stephen Hall. Stephen is charged with D.V. against his wife Vicki. Tanya goes to see Vicki, but she is not home. Tanya tracks down Stephen’s brother Larry. Using her IR, Tanya discovers a second person in Larry’s house, most likely Stephen. She knocks at the door, and Larry answers. Tanya states that Vicki has suffered an accident and believes Stephen is behind it,
and is willing to drop the charges if Stephen stops this. Larry says he will tell Stephen of this, and goes back to watching TV.

Charlotte begins establishing “security stations” around her territory. Her men have repelled 6 incursions by other gangs by using these stations as checkpoints.

Lana is contacted by her PI, Darren Land. He has found one of the suspects behind her assault. Arthur Williams was found under an assumed name in a New Mexico hospice. He was hustling on the streets and died of AIDS three months ago. Land rules out Williams as a suspect, since Wiliams was homosexual and only approached males – including an attack on one who rebuffed his advances – but largely avoided females.

Tanya returns to Larry Hall’s house at 6:30 AM and waits for Larry to go to work. Around 8 she calls police for an assist in capturing a bond skip. After waiting nearly an hour, Officer Johnson arrives. He instructs Tanya to wait by the back door in case Stephen makes a run for it. He knocks and shouts “Open up! Police!” Stephen opens the door and after a brief exchange invites Officer Johnson inside. The officer walks in and attempts to grab Stephen’s wrist, but Stephen pulls away and tries to run past Johnson. Stephen collides with the door frame, and Johnson cuffs him. Tanya accepts custody of Stephen and identifies herself to him as a bail enforcement agent. Johnson leaves, taking Tanya’s contact info for his report. Tanya leaves a note for Larry, stuffs Stephen into the Dog Cage, and takes him downtown. She is paid $110 by Drew Clifton’s office.

Lana begins searching for a personal assistant, both to help her keep her affairs in order, and to bring her the stress medication she needs without Tsurigo’s knowledge.

Chef Rodney begins preparations for the next Kentucky Rage event.

Lana decides she is finished trying to recreate her past self, reasoning that it is time she embraces what she is now and explores her new capabilities. She wants to “find her style” as her new self and begins investigating several recording studios in the area. She contacts Undagroundz, which specializes in electronica, trance, and house music, and makes an appointment with Jason Griggs, one of the studio’s two owners.

She also ponders the concept of a VR holosuite based on herself – but unlike most “Rock Band” style games, the player would BE Lana, as if standing on stage and seeing the audience through Lana’s eyes. The holosuite would even provide the player with pre-show sound checks, post-concert interview sessions, and time on the tour bus.

Tony breaks up with the bartender at the Warehouse – she got back together with her ex-boyfriend. He soon asks out a musician who frequents the club, Sister Slash, and she accepts.

Casandra discovers the acoustic effects of a Reese’s Pieces box on the music of Hall & Oates.

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Week Of Apr 21 2025

No game this week.

Skip Week IV
Week Of Apr 14 2025

No game this week.

Strangers And Arrangers
Week Of Apr 8 2025

Jeremy Jhones is arrested, as are all the combatants in the firefight at the gala. He is booked and interviewed, and held overnight without bond.

Beverly Moore is stopped by a police officer who wants to copy the contents of her phone in case there is anything that might be considered evidence on it. She complies, knowing the cops won’t get anything useful – all her photos were taken on her cyberoptic camera. She goes home and copies the photos to her computers adn to her cloud backup.

Jeremy is arraigned and pleads Not Guilty. He is held over for a grand jury report and given a bond of $180,000. Amara Delaney arranges for SilkE Corporation to pay his bail. Jeremy is released into Amara’s custody. Jeremy is kept on duty at work, but restricted to the premises. Amara makes arrangements for a replacement bodyguard in the interim.

Charlotte contacts Broken Saint about the proposed anti-crime bill. She offers him $100,000 to scuttle the bill by any means he deems necessary. Saint agrees on condition that Charlotte provide him with protection for future ventures.

Amara contacts Victor Leopold and meets him at the Fine Boatman. She brings Jeremy for this (off the books) as well as her standard other guard, Karl. She inquires about the dock not far from his place – the same dock where she has been conducting business with Vanavian – and suggests a deal. She asks to use it a few times a month in exchange for payment. Leopold asks for $5000 and 48 hours notice before each use. Amara accepts his terms.

Beverly discovers to her horror that all the photos with people in them have disappeared from her computers and her cloud backup. Unknown to her, Broken Saint transmitted a worm to delete any images with elements that are recognizable to facial recognition programs… hence, all photos featuring people are gone, while photos of objects such as buildings with no one in them are still intact.

The last 800 photos Beverly took on her cyberoptic camera are still intact, including the photos from the firefight. Beverly decides to call “someone she knew in college” from her Communications courses.

Charlotte begins collecting the pieces she needs to assemble a nuke.

QUOTES – “I’m not contesting that your worm is really powerful!” – Casandra




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