Cyberpunk 202X

When Problems Arise
Week Of Sept 16 2024

Omega, Sherrina, and Zack went to the Warehouse to meet Zen. Omega showed Zen a fake program designed to look like the program Zen gave him earlier, and claims it does the same thing, but works on anyone without customization. Zen asks how much Omega is charging – $150,000 is the starting bid, highest bidder gets it. The program will be copiable, so the customer doesn’t have to buy a new one every time they want to use it.

After Zen leaves, Sherrina convinces Zack to stay at the club and have a few drinks. Omega is called by Mary the Q to come to the hospital – she was beaten hard by unknown assailants looking for The Omega. She didn’t tell them anything (although she didn’t KNOW anything).

Omega returns to the club, and Zack tries to dance. No serious injuries were reported.

When leaving the club, Sherrina picks a pocket or three and is noticed by Officer Ratner, a detail cop. He places her under arrest, and The Omega tries to step in. The cop gets angrier at Omega’s blather, and another cop – Patterson – gets involved. Omega and Sherrina are cuffed and placed in different squad cars.

Zack, already outside, has no idea where his compatriots went to, and thinks they ditched him.

Sherrina gets out of her cuffs, uses them to score the car window a few times, and kicks her way out and escapes. She calls Zack (who bitches at her about being ditched) and tells him that Omega got arrested.

Omega uses his radio link to plant a fake hit in the police computers, listing him as “David White,” who has a traffic violation from about 3 years ago. He uses his link to drive his motorcycle to outside the building.

Zack posts bond, paying $150 total for a $500 bond. “David White” gets a court date for Thursday at noon.

Sherrina lost her weapons when the cops frisked her, but managed to keep her wallet. She goes into the Combat Zone and finds someone shady to get her a new gun. She gets the same model as the one she lost, within 2 hours [gun $250, plus $50 for services, plus $50 for getting it in 2 hrs. – $350 total]. Her handcrafted knife is gone, however.

Fuzzy Logic
Week Of Sept 9 2024

Omega tries to hack the program – he manages to redirect it to a USB stick instead of letting it install inside Shelby’s head. He discovers the basics of how it works, but none of the actual code. So now he has a copy of it but can’t read it, or use it on anyone but Shelby.

Zack leaves, not feeling well after the fight in the hotel room. He goes to an all-night “clinic” for meds.

Omega and Sherrina leave Shelby in her hotel room, along with some of the leftover drugs (coke and ecstasy). They clean up their hotel room and get out. They do not call cops, Shelby’s company, or anyone else.

Sherrina sells the extra drugs to Neurotic Nancy of the nomad pack.

Omega looks up the 100 best known hackers in the world, and sends a mass email (with addresses of all other hackers listed in it) to all of them. Email reads -

_To the ELITE!

I have done the impossible, I have created a program that enables functions to be stalled and excited to certain individuals which put the individuals in a comatose state. I am enabling others to contact later; upon my discretion for detail.

The Omega_

Omega gets a phone call from Zen – he wants to meet Omega downtown by the Warehouse and see this program, maybe buy it.

The Omega and Sherrina go to the Warehouse to meet Zen. Sherrina wears a hoodie and shades to cover her face as much as possible, so Zen won’t recognize her as one of the people who shot him in his hotel room. She hangs back a ways to hide and to observe.

Three Strange Days
Week Of Sept 2 2024

Zack returned to work for Gary.

The Omega met Zen in the tower mall downtown. Zen did not have the program, and refunded Omega $9500 of the $10,000 Omega had paid for the program – he said that while tailoring the program for the target, it was discovered that the target had died 2 or 3 days prior.

Omega then decides to make up a story for Zen, and buy the program for a new target. Omega tells Zen that the deceased target was framed – that another person in the corporation named Shelby Phillips had set up the employee as the one leaking secrets, and it’s possible that Shelby had him killed as part of the cover-up.

Omega gets a dossier together on Shelby, and discovers that she likes to go to female-oriented nightclubs on Saturday nights. They hire a call girl named Selena from Frosty the Blow Man to “play a birthday prank” on Shelby. Selena is supposed to lure Shelby to a prearranged hotel room and spike her drink, leaving her passed out in the room. Turns out Selena rather likes Shelby and they have some fun in the room before Selena drugs her.

Omega sends Sherrina out with $1000 to get drugs to knock out Shelby. Sherrina finds a good deal on the drugs from a “very happy” dealer- spending less than quite half of the $1K and scoring copious amounts of X, heroin, weed, cocaine, and unidentified pills. She tells Omega that not only did she spend the $1K, but she had to spend another $1K from her own pocket. Omega does not reimburse her, but doesn’t question whether she spent the original $1K.

Selena is sent to the nightclub and meets up with Shelby. They eventually leave for the hotel.Once Shelby is passed out and Selena leaves, the PCs handcuff Shelby and take her to their room. While The omega is preparing the program and computer setups, Shelby begins having nightmares. They drug her some more, but not too much, and after a bit they connect he to the computer setup to install the program in her head. Something goes critically wrong with the setup and the program backfires, waking Shelby up and locking up the computers.

Shelby is beyond angry, due to her nightmares and the pain of the program misfiring, and actually manages to snap her handcuffs. She attacks the closes person – the extremely un-athletic Omega. Sherrina tackles Shelby just before she can escape out the window, while Zack futilely attempts to restrain the woman, hitting his head a couple times. They just barely manage to subdue her and knock her out again.

Omega leaves to buy more computer parts.
[There were numerous critical failure rolls in this episode, leading to comedies of errors. the Referee was vastly amused.]

One Hit Wonder
Week Of Aug 26 2024

Zack, a Solo, was contacted by his boss, Gary. Gary asks Zack to meet a man named Bennett Kader. Kader has done a little accounting work for Gary and Gary is generous enough to do him a favor.

Kader’s teenage son Garcia is in a coma-like state. Says the doctors said everything is fine, but there are chips in his head – which Bennett didn’t know about. Before calling police into this, Bennett wanted more info. Zack brings in The Omega, a Netrunner. Omega finds out that the chips have been hacked, causing Garcia’s condition. Also finds out that Garcia has been stealing and “premixing” (finishing) unreleased music and selling it on an underground forum and filesharing site called LabNote. Garcia has money in a BitDime account from sales.

Omega tracks back the program that hit Garcia – it was sent from a copy/print shop downtown. Examining the security tapes, they track down the person who sent the program, a college student at River City University. Zack and Omega visit him, the kid refuses to talk. Zack says if the kid calls the police, the cops will want to ask him some questions he won’t want to answer. The kid lets them in.

The kid was approached in a coffee shop by a stranger and paid $1000 to connect a flash drive to a computer at the copy shop and execute a few simple commands. The kid didn’t know what it would do, and didn’t ask. Zack and Omega examine security tapes at the coffee shop and get an image of the man who gave the kid the flash drive. They eventually manage to ID him as Zen, a Fixer from Louisville. They begin asking around until they find out Zen was sighted near a hotel downtown by the library.

Zack goes to find Sherrina, a nomad he knows and rather dislikes (the feeling is mutual). she agrees to help and goes with them to the hotel. [ Did Sherrina help locate Zen at the hotel? ] After bribing the hotel manager, they find out Zen is in Room 315 and go upstairs. Sherrina knocks, saying management sent her and that Zen has her “for a whole hour.” Zen lets her in, and she immediately moved to block the window. Zen wonders what’s going on, and Zack enters the room, gun drawn. Zen goes for his gun on the nightstand, and Zack shoots Zen right through his gun hand before he can pick up the weapon. Zack pins him to the floor. After some coercive persuasion, Zen reveals who hired him to send the program to Garcia – a musician named Damien Wynter. Zack and Sherrina stop Zen’s bleeding somewhat, and leave as sirens approach. Omega rejoins them as they leave – he waited down the hall in the men’s room, watching Babylon 5 on his laptop or tablet or whatever.

They find out where Wynter’s studio is, and pick the lock to the back door. Sneaking past the night watchman, they pick the lock to the only occupied studio. Zack headlocks the technicians, causing him to pass out. Omega puts a chair under the doorknob of the recording booth, trapping Wynter. Wynter does not answer questions until Zack enters the recording booth, and threatens to damage Wynter’s hands so bad that he will never play music again.

Winter confesses to hiring Zen and targeting Garcia, yelling that the little punk had stolen his work and was selling it. Sherrina suggests letting Wynter alone, and telling Bennett that the program can’t be deleted – after all, “the kid had it coming.”

Omega begins negotiating a deal – he will delete all of Wynter’s music from Garcia’s computers (letting Wynter watch him do so), and will transfer the money in Garcia’s BitDime account to Wynter. Since Wynter’s newest album had not been released by Garcia yet, Wynter agrees. They follow through on the plan, and Omega programs the computers to block access to the music forums and software, alerting Omega if Garcia tries again (Omega is aware that Garcia could just get new equipment, but it’s a stopgap measure for now). Bennett’s father is not at all happy (Omega introduces Wynter as “your son’s VICTIM”). Omega says he thinks he can find a way to release Garcia.

Omega forges an ID saying he is Zen’s brother and gets into his hospital room. He tells Zen he represents a midsized local corporation, and that what happened to Garcia has happened at least two other times – he shows Zen faked info showing that this has happened in Wisconsin and Texas. Zen seems surprised. Omega requests a copy of the program. Zen seems agreeable, but insists he cannot get the program in just 24 hours. He also asks who the target is. Omega pushes to have the program ASAP, finally agreeing to within 72 hours of Zen’s release from the hospital. Zen keeps asking who the target is until Omega says one of the corporation’s people has been selling their secrets, giving a name of someone just recently deceased.

Zen agrees, and Omega leaves.

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