Cyberpunk 202X

November Spawned A Monster
Week Of Nov 19 2024

“What can make good all the bad that’s been done?”

Lana Prescott hires an investigator to track down the man who attacked her a year ago. She also visits friends and family, and goes clothes shopping incognito before leaving town on tour.

Charlotte has a disposable phone dropped to Double-G while he is walking on the street with a woman – the woman takes the phone and answers it when it rings. She gives the phone to 2G. Charlotte asks if that is a sufficiently impressive display of power. 2G is considering Charlotte’s offer, but he will wait and watch for another week or two to see if “the white girl can keep what she took.”

Porter calls up Broken Saint and informs him to go to the hotel on Garfield Place, and that someone will be coming by to see him at 8 pm. Saint agrees, for $500. Jube arrives with a pizza, knocking on the door and saying “Pizza for Montgomery!” Jube explains he is in the security business, and wants Saint to give him info on Dale Lucien. Lucien is on City Council, and has regular meetings with them. He also has a doctor’s appointment scheduled for a day later.

Hope and Tanya establish Artemis Group, LLC, a Bail Recovery Business. They don’t do bail bonds, only recover bail jumpers. They have business cards printed up, but no office (at least, not yet).

Hope goes to the office of Dr. Lorren, a dentist. Hope shows the bail paperwork to the receptionist, who summons the dentist once he finished with a patient. Hope talks to Lorren, who had posted bail on his 19-year old son Keith, who skipped out. Lorren says Keith has fallen in with a bad crowd, and gives Hope the name of a few of his friends and where they hang out.

Broken Saint “clones” Lucien’s phone to a throwaway phone and gives it to Jube to know whenever Lucien gets a phone call. Jube later tells Saint that he needs a ride from a doctor’s office around 10:30 am. Saint calls Tanya and pays her to provide a ride.

Jube enters the doctor’s office wearing a breathing mask, sunglasses, and hat. He surveys the waiting room, and then takes his first chance to slit the throat of the security guard. He then goes back to the examination rooms and finds Lucien, shooting him through the head. he immediately leaves, getting into Tanya’s car. Once there, he uses an electric razor to shave his head and face down to a goatee, collecting all the hair in the hat. He gets out about 7 blocks away, tipping Tanya $100. He destroys the cloned phone and drops the knife he used to kill the guard into the river. Tanya is unaware of what just occurred.

Tanya soon meets Hope at Bill’s Billiards. They go inside and find Keith playing pool with a friend, a muscular black male about Keith’s age. They notice the pair drinking beer and decide to have more sent over to them, planning to catch Keith when he has to go to the bathroom. they inform the bartender who they are and what their business is here, and purchase beer for the two men. After a bit, Keith goes to the men’s room. Hope and Tanya follow. Opening the door, they show their badges and shoo out the person washing his hands. They wait for Keith to finish his business and emerge from the stall. Tanya comes up behind him at the sink and cuffs him. They lead him out to Tanya’s vehicle, Tanya with her hand on her gun and making sure the friend sees it. They take Keith to the lockup and drop off the paperwork with Clifton’s receptionist at American Bail Bonds.

Charlotte researches gangs and groups in the disputed territories. One group is called N.O.F., for “Niggaz Of Fire,” but they are often derided as “Niggaz On Fire,” implying they are “flamers” (fags or queers). charlotte decides to make this appellation literal.

Charlotte finds a kid in No Man’s Land whose brother was killed by the N.O.F. Charlotte has her people create several incendiary devices the size and shape of baseballs – when a remote signal is given, they spray gasoline into the air as a mist, then spark. The devices themselves are designed to burn, eliminating evidence. Charlotte arranges for the kid to plant these in N.O.F. hangouts and sends him out.

Burning Down The House
Week Of Nov 11 2024


Tanya and Hope take Razor back to jail, and leave the paperwork for Shipley with his night receptionist.


Tanya gets a call from the Kenton County Courthouse, receiving permission by the judge to pick up Wendell Goss in Kentucky. She has other matters to attend to first, however.


Maybe you know where you are
Fightin’ fire with fire

Tanya and Hope drive over to Jake Smith’s house, where Goss is said to be staying. They wait, then Hope stays behind while Tanya goes to check the bar Goss was sighted at. Goss isn’t there, but the bartender remembers her and waves. Tanya drives back to meet up with Hope again. They are deciding what to do when Jake walks out of his house. They then see Goss step outside and gun it to move their car in place behind Jake’s, so he can’t get out. Goss fumbles with the keys to the door, then runs off toward the back of the house. Tanya runs around the other side of the house and sees Goss pulling a tarp off his pickup truck and yanking out a flamethrower hose. Hope levels a gun at Jake and keeps watch on him.

Goss fires off the flamethrower, setting some grass on fire. He shoots again on the other side of the truck, setting grass and part of Jake’s house aflame, right next to the driver side door of the truck. Goss grabs a shotgun from the bed of the truck and shoots wildly, then runs aside the truck and starts to get into the passenger side. Tanya pops up and shoots him in the right arm. Goss drops the gun but manages to get into the truck and starts sliding into the driver’s seat. Tanya risks the flames and opens the driver’s side, punches Goss in the head. and drags him out of the truck.

Jake hears the gunfire and runs to the back of the house, Hope following him. Jake is freaked to see his house and backyard on fire.

Tanya drops Goss to the ground and cuffs him. Jake runs over, screaming and kicking hard at Goss. Hope pulls Jake away and says he should get the garden hose and spray the fire. Hope calls 911 on her phone.

Police and Fire soon show up, and Tanya places Goss in the caged back area of her SUV. Goss kicks at the windows futilely. Tanya and Hope show their IDs, warrant, and bail paperwork to the cops. Tanya lets an EMT take a look at Goss, with a couple officers standing guard. Goss tries to resist, and the cops mace him. The EMT dresses his wound well enough for transport, and the cops let them all go.

They deliver Goss to jail, get the paperwork signed, and drop it off at Shipley’s.

Charlotte ferries a disposable phone to Double-G in the Combat Zone. Charlotte calls him and makes an offer about unifying the disputed territories. Double-G laughs her off.

Here’s your ticket

Broken Saint hears about Lana Prescott performing at the Grand Opening for Upstairs At Eric’s. He is very curious about the fact that Lana has no voice, and uses some kind of advanced chipset implanted in her neck to sing. He hacks into Eric’s system, and rigs it so he will be one of the five fans to meet Lana after the show. He then looks into the Tsurigo corporation, who developed the chips, but can’t get very far into their system. He forges a data trail leading to somewhere in Wales, and gets out. He makes a fake ID with the name “Trey Montgomery” on it to use at the show.


Shipley calls Tanya about her payment. She and Hope divvy up their funds, settling accounts for helping with each other’s pickups.

makes arrangements with Alistair to take out a Fixer in the disputed territories named Pimpf, to prove to 2G that Charlotte is serious about bringing order to the streets there.

Sometimes I listen to myself
Gonna come in first place

Hope goes to see the premiere of Null Machine’s new album at Top Cat’s. She keeps a low profile, so Nolo doesn’t see her. Razor is not there, he’s still in jail. Nolo apologizes to the crowd for Razor not being there, blaming it on “our broken, fascist system.” He wonders aloud whether he should try singing Razor’s vocal parts, or simply play Razor’s vocal tracks from the recorded tracks. Hope shouts out, “Let the music decide!” Nolo takes the advice and does a combination of both, playing Razor’s vocals, but not at full volume, and singing along with them himself. Nolo channels his anger into a brilliant show.


“Trey Montgomery” arrives at Eric’s. He hangs out for an hour until the show begins.

Lana Prescott, the Digital Nightingale, is introduced and welcomed back to her home state of Kentucky. Lana starts her performance, singing for over an hour to great response from the audience.

Watch out
You might get what you’re after

A sniper named “Jax,” working for Charlotte, executes Pimpf from a rooftop. The sniper is so far away that Pimpf falls over dead before the sound of the gunshot reaches the area, frightening everyone. Charlotte’s men then roll in and start laying down the new law.

Hold tight
Wait till the party’s over

Lana brings down the house at Eric’s, and after the show meets with the five fans who won the contest. A couple of them startle her slightly, including “Trey,” who is very anxious to meet her and seems very focused on her collar. she does a photo op with them, signs autographs, and thanks everyone for coming to her show.

Election Day
Week Of Nov 5 2024

“Hi guys, by the way, are you aware you’re being illegal?” 1
Hope takes the bounty on Razor for Shipley. She talks to her manager Phil at the Warehouse and arranges for Razor and Nolo to do a live DJ set on Election Night, where they can premiere a few songs from their new album due for release a week later. Phil agrees, as long as she does the pickup at least a couple blocks from the Warehouse.

Tanya votes for Tara Raines, a Libertarian candidate.

Broken Saint and the Krystal Edge have been monitoring the election. Saint wants to get Desmond Unger elected, hoping Unger will advance the cause of science and technology.
Charlotte talks to Porter, looking for someone who can help her influence the election results. Porter gives her a phone number and tells her to leave Porter’s name out of it.

Charlotte contacts Broken Saint from a disposable phone and offers to pay Saint to help elect Amy Velez. Saint asks for $2000, Charlotte offers $1500. Saint agrees, asking for half now, half later, all in cash.

Tanya takes a bounty on Wendell Goss, who was charged with domestic violence and arson. He allegedly attacked his girlfriend and then set fire to her apartment building. She negotiates with Shipley from his offer of $2500 to $3000 for Tanya if she recovers him. She talks to his aunt, Mildred Goss, who stands to lose her house to Shipley if Goss isn’t recovered. Mildred tells Tanya he may be staying with a friend across the river in kentucky.

Tanya goes to the Kenton County courthouse and files a request with a judge to be allowed to pick up Goss in kentucky. She is told she will have to wait until the next day for a decision. She then drives out near where the friend lives, studying the lay of the land. Afterward, Tanya hits a mid-range bar in the county, asking the bartender if he has seen Goss. He doesn’t remember for sure.

Tanya leaves and hits a much lower class bar, and asks the bartender about Goss. The barkeep thinks he knows who Goss is. Tanya slips him a $50, and the bartender says Goss was in two nights ago with someone else. His description suggests it was the friend of Goss, who is a regular at the bar. the barkeep also slips Tanya his phone number.

Broken Saint continues working on influencing the election while Charlotte keeps track of the results.

Tanya goes to the Warehouse and meets Hope. As Razor and Nolo finish their show, Tanya and Hope wait by the band’s van in the alley, dressed provocatively. they also slash the van’s rear tires. When the two musicians come out to load their equipment into the van, they point out the slashed tires and say they are fans, offering the two a ride. Razor seems interested, by Nolo tells him that the women are obviously either groupies, prostitutes, or thieves, saying they will “rob you, give you an STD, or give you an STD and charge you for the privilege.” Nolo calls AAA to fix the tires.

Hope and Tanya leave, and once the tires are fixed, follow the van in Hope’s vehicle when the band leaves the alley. They determine that Nolo is not driving to Razor’s residence, but going somewhere else. They see Razor get out of the van on the middle of a street near the university. Circling around the block, Hope Runs into Nolo’s van as he is approaching the corner. Both vans pull over, and Razor comes down the street to check on Nolo, who is calling the police. Tanya levels a gun at Nolo and tells him to get in the van and move at least a block away.

Hope runs at Razor, who tries to run into the house. She tackles and cuffs him, and puts him in Hope’s car. Razor pleads not to take him in, offering them thousands of dollars.

Two police officers arrive. Hope informs them that she is doing a recovery, and shows them the bail paperwork. Tanya tells them that she told Nolo to go around the corner for his own safety. The cops get a statement from Nolo, and Hope is cited to appear in court in 7 days.

Nolo leaves, and so do the cops. Hope and Tanya drive away with Razor.

Amy Velez® is elected mayor by getting the most votes.

1 Arcadia, “Election Day”

Night Of The Dead
Week Of Oct 28 2024

Tanya and Broken Saint questioned Reef and discovered that Amy Wilson planned the murder of Hank Wilson. They inform Gentry and Hope of this. Gentry can’t recover his bond money without a death certificate proving Hank was dead before his missed court appearance. Hope has an idea, and Gentry agrees to provide up to $1000 of his own money to get the certificate – he is less concerned about losing the money than having a skip on his record, which could potentially harm his chances of selling his business.

Hope suggests they see Dr. Brown and the 8th St. Clinic. Brown agrees, but is nervous at the prospect of traveling through the Combat Zone. Hope, Tanya, and Dr. Brown visit Dr. Z and ask if he has the body of Hank Wilson. Dr. Z. does not have it. He offers to contact a the other primary ripperdocs in the area – Dr. Fain and Dr. Kros don’t have it either. A brief but tense conversation with Dr. January finds that she has the body.

The group goes to Dr. January’s office in hopes of examining the body. Dr. January allows this in exchange for $150 and not telling anyone that she has the body. Dr. Brown performs and examination, and rules Wilson dead by being shot through the head.

Tanya and Hope deliver the certificate to Gentry.

Charlotte is invited to City Councilman Thomas Barron’s masquerade party on Halloween night. She goes, taking her brothers, a few bodyguards, and several high priced call girls with her.

Broken Saint fakes an invite to the party, and hacks his name onto the guest list. He arrives wearing a “costume” of green luminescent paper strung together with LEDs. He uses his goggles to determine which guests are corporates, and possible targets for his brand of justice.

Saint also avails himself of one of Charlotte’s call girls, but pays her using stolen funds.

Hope invites Tanya to “Prom Night” at the Warehouse before her shift starts.

Two detectives, Hollander and Mitchell, arrive at the Warehouse and ask the manager a few questions about Tao and Qi.

Sometimes Wanna Die
Week Of Oct 21 2024

After recovering the computers and the body of Qualls, Alistair and Broken Saint took one van while Sherrina and Tanya took the other as they all sought medical help. Sherrina was taken to Dt. Kros, and Saint was taken to Dr. January. Alistair then takes the van with the computers to Porter.

Sherrina passed away on the table. Tanya informed Porter. Porter sends a message to Victor Leopold.

Broken Saint is fixed up, but his attitude is not welcomed. He is warned if he ever comes back he will be charged triple.

The next day, Broken Saint examines the cards he took from the netrunners at the warehouse. One card has data about the Schraeder Corp.’s financial dealings. The second card is about government contracts with Schraeder Corp. about regrowing damaged brain tissue. The third card has spotty, incomplete data about using infrasound to spoof N-processors and cyberaudio implants.

That night, Tanya checks out the list of bounties, and select one on a man named Hank Wilson. She goes to Gentry, who posted Wilson’s bond, and inquires about bringing him back. Gentry had posted $50 plus state fees on a $500 bond, offers Tanya $150 to bring him back.

Hank Wilson works in the insurance business, and was recently divorced. He was charged with domestic violence. Tanya checks out his local hangouts, the Laughing Dragon and the Phoenix Cafe on Walnut St. She has talked to the bartender at Phoenix once or twice, and asks about Hank and shows a photo. The barman says Hank would come in and play cards with the two old guys in the corner. The two guys had been including Hank in their games for the last few weeks, until he stopped showing several days ago. They loved letting Hank play, because he was a terrible player. One of them says Hank was always complaining about his ex, who works at the Warehouse.

Tanya goes to the Warehouse finds Hank’s ex-wife Amy. T asks her if she had seen Hank lately, she says she hadn’t seen “that bastard” since court on Friday of last week (8 days ago).

Hope, a bouncer at Warehouse, sees Amy talking to a woman instead of working. Hope introduces herself and suggests Amy get back to work. Hope recognizes Tanya as a bail enforcement agent like her, and tells Tanya that shes a B.E.A. too. Hope says any time she ever catches a skip in the Warehouse, Hope gets a percentage, and that if she ever sees someone Tanya is looking for in the Warehouse, she’ll let Tanya know.

After Tanya leaves, Hope offers Amy a place to stay. or to stay with her, if she needs help. Amy thanks her but declines.

Tanya and Broken Saint go to Hank’s apartment and break in, They find no sign that Hank has been there in the last several days. They find the divorce papers that Hank was served with, and a stash of weed in a closet, supporting claims that Hank has been turning to substance abuse of late. The last dated receipt they find is for a taxi from Joe’s Cab Service on Sunday night.Tanya deduces that Hank did not come home on Monday, or since.

Tanya questions the receptionist at Joe’s Cab Service, discovering that according to their records, Hank was picked up and dropped off at home on Monday night, and paid with his credit card. Tanya gets the name of the driver who reportedly took Hank home – “Reef.”

Reef has a string of petty crimes, including assault and drug charges. Tanya and Saint go to Reef’s place and act like they are delivering pizza. When Reef opens the door, they burst in. Reef’s girlfriend jumps up from the couch, dialing the police, but Saint kicks the phone from her hands. Tanya pins Reef with her knee and questions him. After some trial and error, Tanya convinces Reef to confess – Reef drove Hank to meet “some big black dude” Reef doesn’t know in the Combat Zone. Hank was too drunk to notice where they were going. The unnamed guy took Hank out of the taxi, and gave Hank’s credit card to Reef, telling him to charge the card as if he had driven Hank home, then destroy the card. Reef does so. Reef says the guy was supposed to then kill Hank, and that Hank’s ex-wife Amy set up the entire plan.

Don't Take Me Alive
Week Of Oct 14 2024

Broken Saint finds proof of Argent Corporation embezzling money and sends the evidence to the media.

Sherrina goes to court with her new lawyer and enters a plea of “Not Guilty” to escaping police custody and damaging police property.

Broken Saint notices subtle anomalies in data transfers and net usage coming from a warehouse on Dalton St, near W 8th St. by the river. He is unable to determine what the connection is, which is odd, since it’s a standard (hackable) business that he should be able to penetrate easily.

Porter is contracted for an extraction mission. Randy Qualls, a very high-level security specialist, has been kidnapped and is being used to penetrate the defenses of the Schraeder Corporation, where Qualls works.

Porter’s men are “not available” (he doesn’t want his name involved), and he can’t get hold of Jaroll, which is unfortunate, since a police-led raid on the warehouse would be perfect as far as plausible deniability is concerned. Porter asks Sherrina to lead the team to rescue Qualls.

Porter contacts Charlotte to ask if she knows anyone suitable for the job. Charlotte says she may know someone then calls Shipley. Shipley then calls Tonya, a bail enforcement agent who is new to the city, and who has done some successful recoveries for Shipley. Since she has proven herself competent so far (and she is also expendable, as far as Shipley is concerned), he tells Tonya to call a number about a job.

Tonya contacts Charlotte, who tells her where to find Porter. She arrives at Dockside and a man escorts her to a back office.

Someone slips a piece of paper under Broken Saint’s door and leaves. It has a number to call for a job. He calls it and Porter answers, asking who it is. Broken Saint says he was told to call about a job. Porter asks who he is and what he can do. Broken Saint explains he is a netrunner, and Porter sends someone to his hotel to pick him up.

Broken Saint is brought into Porter’s office, where he meets Porter and three other people (Sherrina, a bounty hunter named Tonya, and a mobster named Alistair). Broken Saint is not introduced by name to any of them, and he is also not introduced by name. Porter explains the mission (leaving certain details out, such as who is contracting the job). All agree to take it for $15,000 each. Porter is willing to loan them weapons and a vehicle.

After a long planning session, they begin their assault on the warehouse. They take out the sentry, and move inside. Two of the captors are quickly killed. They see a man inside the office, along with Qualls at the desk with two other men beside him. they attempt to take them out while avoiding fire from the man in the main open area. Another man is seen in the office, reacting to the firefight by grabbing Qualls and heading for an exit. Broken Saint manages to fire a grenade at the man dragging Qualls, killing both of them. Tonya manages to kill the last solo.

Sherrina attempts to fire a grenade at the office, but her launcher malfunctions and explodes, critically injuring her and catching Broken Saint in the blast. The team does kill the two men trying to escape with the computers (who appear to be netrunners), and the computers recovered. They pick up the late Qualls and prepare to leave.

Situation Nowhere
Week Of Oct 7 2024

Porter informs Jaroll that there was a hit on him and Zack, but Porter had the hit on Jaroll rescinded. The Doctor still has a $10K price on Zack’s head.

Jaroll receives an envelope with $2000 – it’s from Gary, for his help in the Garcia Kader case.

Broken Saint escapes from the Morren Corporation’s netspace with the evidence that they have been involved in human trafficking. Morren makes and sells the popular “Doggie Delight” brand dog treats.

Zack’s apartment burns down.

Broken Saint recovers money for Elliott Tucker, who was ripped off by a hacker named Zee-roX. tucker was buying drugs online with digital currency, and therefore didn’t want to go to the cops. The Krystal Edge made Saint aware of the situation, and he resolved it.

Zack is traveling with Gary when their car is shot at. A car with 3 men chases them. Zack fires into the engine block of the other car as they fire at Gary’s car. Zack shoots the driver of the other car in the chest – he is shoved out into the street as another one takes over driving. Gary’s driver has difficulty navigating around a bus, clipping it, and the left rear tire of Gary’s car is blown out. Jaroll gets a dispatch about a rolling shootout.

Zack manages to shoot the other driver through the head. The car careens wildly as the passenger tries to right the vehicle. He finally manages to shove the body out and take the wheel. Jaroll rounds the corner and sees what’s going on. Either Jaroll or Zack (I forget which) shoots the pursing driver, and the car flips sideways end over end, rolling over a parked car. Gary’s car drives off. Jaroll investigates – the driver is dead. He checks on the next body – he’s dead, shot thru the head, doesn’t even have enough cash to make it worth looting him, but has a piece of paper with an address and a phone # on it. The last shooter is alive, but Jaroll knows he will die before an ambulance can arrive.

Jaroll contacts Porter, and gets one of Gary’s private phone #s. He arranges to meet Gary at a restaurant. Jaroll offers to tell Gary who placed the hit for $500, or for a higher wage he will lead a team on the person who placed the hit. Gary offers Jaroll a total of $5500 to five him the name and lead a team against the person. Jaroll says it was Doctor January, and that the hit was against Zack.

Jaroll offers to call the number on the paper to see what the deal is. Gary agrees. Jaroll uses the house phone, asserting his authority as a police officer. The person on the other end asks what Jaroll wants, and says to meet him as the address listed on the paper in 30 minutes, alone w/ Zack and unarmed.

Jaroll asks to use one of the vehicles in the restaurant’s parking lot, as his motorcycle has been damaged and there is a very urgent call he has to attend to. The server gets the manager, who is excited at the prospect of police action. Jaroll assures them that any damages to the car will be compensated for, and the manager insists that the server, Antoine, surrender his car. Antoine reluctantly agrees.

Jaroll and Zack go to the Doctor’s office, and make short work of the 3 men they meet there, with a little help from a couple boostergang guys that Jaroll called in. they decide not to actually enter the building, thinking that what they have done will be sufficient warning to the Doctor that the contract on Zack just isn’t worth it.

Jaroll returns Antoine’s car. Antoine is aghast at the 6 bullet holes in it, but Jaroll promises to fix it, and the manager tells him to think of them as “battle scars” that will “impress the ladies.” Antoine is not convinced.

Gary suggests Zack take a vacation out of town for a while. Gary makes arrangements for Zack, providing Zack with an alias.

Sherrina picks up her new knife. Porter asks her to keep an eye out for “Tao” and “Qi,” a couple of fixers from Louisville.

Sherrina has her first day in court – her lawyer is stoned out of his mind, to the point where the judge calls for a continuance and recommends Sherrina get a new lawyer. Even the prosecutor agrees, knowing if he won, the case would be declared a mistrial due to the defense attorney’s spectacular incompetence.

Porter apologizes to Sherrina about the lawyer. Porter discovers just how bad the lawyer’s home life has become, and that he has turned to substances to make his life bearable. Porter will give the lawyer a chance at rehab (and if he doesn’t take it, Porter will toss him out on the street), but he will probably lose his law license no matter what.

The Last Letter
Week Of Sept 30 2024

Zack stays at the hospital until his relief arrives. Garcia Kader is in critical condition.

Sherrina is released from jail. The charge from Jaroll has been dropped, The bond on the escape charge has been paid by a “Mr. Smith” – an extremely generic looking man – who was sent by Porter.

Sherrina is asked about Omega, she tells Porter about the house she knows of. Porter holds up a phone, where one of his men is stationed – the house is on fire.

Omega tries to track down Dr. January. He orders 4 mini-helicopters and cameras to attach to them.

The next morning, Zack goes to work. Garcia is alive for now. Sherrina sleeps on a couch in Porter’s office. Jaroll does some shakedowns of drugs dealers before starting his shift.

Omega’s order arrives. He calls Zen – who is in Louisville – and offers him $2000 to take the copters, find some kids who will play with them, and fly them around in the combat zone. Zen arrives about 2 hours later.

Word hits the street that a new bounty is out on Omega – $50K if he is brought in alive.

Garcia dies in the hospital.

Omega collects the copters from zen. He mentions Dr. January, and talks about finding her. Zen offers to tell Omega where the Doctor is, but strongly cautions him not to go there. Omega invites Zen to join him in tracking down whoever is selling the program that crippled Garcia. Zen punches Omega’s jaw, and says the price Omega is offering is an insult.

Omega goes to a cybercafe. He calls Zack and apologizes for what happened to Garcia. He has an offer for Gary. Zack agrees to meet him.

As Gary and Zack arrive, Jaroll gets a tip tregarding Omega’s location. He rolls up to the cafe and watches his meeting with Zack.

Sherrian gets a job working at Victor’s place. After a few hours, business slows down and he sends her away. She is called to meet with Porter, who asks her about Omega. She tells him most of what has happened.

Zack gets back in Gary’s car, but they don’t leave. Omega leaves the cafe and hops a bus. Jaroll follows the bus, as do Gary and Zack. They notice Jaroll, who notices them. When Omega gets off the bus, Jaroll drives his car up and orders the Omega inside. Omega reluctantly gets in, and Jaroll drives them in large, looping circles while they talk. Gary’s car follows the entire time.

Jaroll takes Omega to see Porter, while Gary’s car follows. Porter asks Omega what’s going on. Omega explains his plans. Zen has a man go down and get Gary, Zack, and their driver. Gary tells what he knows of the Omega and the program.

Porter suggests calling Zen to the office, Sharrina says Zen might not be happy to see her and Zack. She explains how they shot him through the hand in the hotel. Porter decides to contact Zen anyway.

Porter calls Zen, who is already back in Louisville, and strongly recommends he come visit. Zen arrives about 2 1/2 hours later.

Zen is questioned about his role in things. He refuses to say much, even when beaten. Porter offers money and protection, Zen demands at least $100,000 and passage to anywhere he wants to go if he gives up info.

It comes out that Omega had purchased a copy of the program to use on Shelby Phillips. Gary is angry at zack for his role in this, but Zack explains that he wanted to keep Gary’s name out of it.

Porter confers with Jaroll privately, and both concur that neither Omega or Zen are needed.

Porter returns to the office. He sends Zen away with a couple of his men, and Gary with them. He asks Omega of he can transfer the program and counterprogram to his own computer in exchange for $50,000. Omega does so, managing to copy the files to Porter’s computer, keeping a copy on his laptop.

Omega is taken out to get a meal. He is offered a cigarette or cigar after (Porter often offers his guests cigars). After he eats, he is taken downstairs to the same room Zen is in, and restrained by guards. Gary is there. Porter and Jaroll arrive, and Porter allows Gary to shoot Zen in the head. He offers Omega to Jaroll for Jaroll’s service in this matter, but Jaroll declines.

Gary levels his gun at Omega, and Porter asks if he has anything to say. Omega just taps his temple and says "Just that “I know.’” Gary kills Omega.

Porter returns to his office while Jaroll returns to duty. Porter notices that Omega’s laptop has uploaded much of its data to the internet, including the files for the programs.

Phone Freaking
Week Of Sept 23 2024

Yang Jaroll, a cop, has heard of the email from “The Omega” claiming he can hack a person’s vital functions, and has heard a couple quiet rumors that this has happened 2 or 3 times already. He meets with Porter, who shows him a mugshot of “David White” aka The Omega.

All characters decide to sleep for the night.

The next morning, Jaroll decides to wait in court to see if Omega shows up, and also looks for any other good bounties. All skips are nickel-dime stuff, nothing Jaroll will bother with.

Omega is kept in the safehouse. Gary calls rent-a-lawyer Lew Collins to cop a plea for Omega. Zack goes down with the lawyer to see what happens. Collins gets “David White” off on a technicality despite the officer’s objections and has the case dismissed.

Jaroll decides to follow Zack – he tracks him through the combat zone. Zack notices his follower, and tries to get a photo with his phone. Paying attention to his phone and not the road, he runs a red light, ramming the front end of another car. Two guys get out and begin approaching Zack. Zack floors it and gets out of there. The guys fire a couple shots but miss.

Zack gets to District 1 police station. Jaroll rides his motorcyle past Zack and into the parking lot. A female officer is at the desk – she is somewhat new and does not know Jaroll. Jaroll phones her, gives his badge #, and explains that he is following a suspicious person who might come inside asking about him. She pulls up his info, and looks out a nearby window, seeing him and matching him to the file. Zack tells her that a guy is following him, describes him. The officer says she sent her last available units to a hit-and-run a few blocks away [Zack’s accident unknown to her].

Zack walks outside the police station and gets a call from Gary to go to Bennett’s house. He explains he is being followed and will be there as soon as he can. Gary says “Do your best,” and tells Zack that he paid the money for Garcia’s cure. Zack calls Sherrina. She tells him which way to go, then Zack drives to Bennett’s going through the combat zone.

Jaroll follows Zack again, but when Zack passes in front of an alley, Sherrina drives her motorcycle out of the alley, hitting Jaroll. Zack drives on, but Jarol confronts Sherrina, informing her that he is a cop. Sherrina quickly deletes all calls and info about Zack from her phone. He cuffs Sherrina and takes her to an interrogation room. Jaroll begins his shift soon after.

Zack arrives at Bennett’s, Gary is there, along with several of his men, and Omega. Bennett gets a call to wait 5 minutes, then check the front doorstep. A car w/ no plates drives past, a man in black with a mask leaves a package. After they’re gone, Bennett retrieves the package and opens it. There is a smartphone with a black box attached, with a cable connecting it to one of the USB ports, and another cable. The screen says DIAL ME. They dial, and get instructions to connect the phone through the other cable to the smartjack on Garcia’s neck. Once connected, they are to dial 8-3-7-0-7-3-8.

After typing in the numerical code, the phone screen shows a progress bar just beginning and the words COUNTERPROGRAM INSTALLING. Omega rips it out of Garcia’s smartjack, and connects it to a computer. The phone reads TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT, begins deleting itself, and ignites in flames. Omega rips out the hard drive from the phone and pockets it. Zack notices this. Bennett freaks out, and Garcia begins having trouble breathing. Bennett calls 911 and screams at Omega, who pleads that he was trying to help, thinking it was a trick. A trauma team arrives and loads Garcia into an ambulance.

Zack tells Gary that Omega saved the phone’s HD. Gary orders his men to take Omega back to the safehouse, Omega says he needs his computers to work on this. Gary says take Omega to his house for 10 minutes, no more, and get him to the safehouse. He orders Zack to go to the hospital and keep an eye on things.

One of the men enters Omega’s house first, to make sure it’s secure. The other man escorts Omega inside. Once in his room, Omega triggers the electronic door to close. The guard is confused, and Omega gets close enough to hit him with an eye dart loaded w/ curare. The man collapses, shouting to his partner. Omega runs out of the house, and into their car, attempting to hotwire it. The attempt fails, slightly damaging the car’s ignition as the man reaches the driver’s side door. Omega clumsily jumps out the other side, managing to keep hold of his laptop, and summons his motorcycle. He rides off, the guard pursuing him. The guard shoots out one of Omega’s tires, sending him sprawling. Omega makes a break through the years, managing to lose the man. Omega then catches a bus to another place of his.

Omega looks up who placed the bounties on him. It appears that at least two are from Speedripper, a netrunner who hates Omega, and who probably stole the money to front the bounties. He locates some of Speedripper’s assets and donates them to several charities. He finds another bounty places by someone indicating that they are a doctor, and that Omega is to be brought in alive. Some quick research indicates that The Omega would do well to stay far afield of the doctor.

Omega’s phone rings – it’s Zen. He wants to know what happened with Shelby Phillips. Omega says he used the program. Zen asks why Shelby was then sighted walking around. Omega exclaims that he doesn’t know, and to ask the guy who gave him the program to sell to Omega. Zen pauses, then says “I see.” and hangs up.

Sherrina says nothing to Jaroll or the other cops, and is fingerprinted and moved to a holding cell. She cries a lot.

At the hospital, Zack notices a couple of maintenance men have suspicious weapon-shaped bulges under their uniforms moving in the direction of the operating room, where Garcia is. Looking toward the door, he notices two shady fellows smoking, and a van with dark windows rolling up. There is a clatter and noise from down the hall, and Zack sees the fake maintenance men pushing Garcia on a gurney, running up the hallway Zack moves outside along the van, calling 911 along the way. Tapping on the driver’s window [facing away from the hospital wall] and the driver lowers the window, aiming a gun at Zack’s face.

Zack grabs his arm, and pulls him out right through the open window, throwing him to the ground. He leaps into the window, using his hand to push the gas pedal. The van moves forward, scraping and bouncing off the wall as the men running with the gurney try to catch up.

Jorall arrives, and moves toward the van. He beings shooting at the engine block. One of the men tries to get in the driver’s side as Zack bails out the other side. Jorall keeps shooting the engine. Zack is in front of the van as it’s still moving forward, and makes a run for the parking lot. One of the men turns and runs back into the hospital, managing to escape out another door and disappear. The other two abandon the gurney and move for the door. The van stops moving, vomiting fluid onto the asphalt, and the driver jumps out, heading for the grass away from the building.

Jaroll mmanuevers his motorcycle between the men and the door. The closest one stops, the one behind him tries to shoot but misses Jaroll. Jaroll is glad for the excuse to unload his shotgun into the man. The cops have arrived and secured the area, catching the man who ran for the grass as well.

A doctor and nurse have run out and grabbed Garcia’s gurney and rolled him back into the operating room.

Zack recognizes Jaroll, and realizes now why the police didn’t do anything about his report about being followed. Jaroll recognizes Zack as being with the lawyer for Omega. Zack gives his statement about the incident. Jaroll says nothing to Zack unless required for the report, and doesn’t do anything to him. Zack recognizes one of the men from the incident at the hotel the day before. Another one of the men may have been there too, Zack isn’t sure. Jaroll is vaguely familiar with them… modrately competent within certain areas, but outside those areas – such as this episode – they aren’t so swift.

Zack takes a seat in the waiting room again.

Shots Fired
Week Of Sept 19 2024

Sherrina and Omega go home to get some sleep. Zack napped a little before going to work.

Zack is working for Gary when Gary has them driven to Bennett Kader’s house. Bennett has been contacted with a possible cure for his son Garcia’s condition. The cost is $15,000. Gary is considering paying it.

After they leave, Gary confides to Zack and the second bodyguard that while he wants to help Bennett’s son, he also worries that an attack could happen to him, or one of his people. Gary tells Zack there have been rumors of two more attacks like the one on Garcia. During the discussion, it comes out that Zack has been working with The Omega to try to find a way to reverse the program crippling Garcia, and that the rumored attacks are part of the Omega’s fiction to bait the real attacker. He refuses to say where Omega is, for Omega’s security, but agrees to forward Gary’s request to protect Omega and help him find a counter-program.

Gary tells Zack confidentially that a woman from another corporation has been attacked – it’s suspected someone tried to attack her with the same program, but was unsuccessful.

Zack then goes to get some sleep before meeting The Omega.

Sherina commissions a new handcrafted knife – it will take 7 to 10 business days. After seeing “NOMEGA” grafitti, she goes to see Victor Leopold at The Foul Boatman to ask him what he knows about the Omega, Victor does not know much of anything about it. She goes to meet Omega at his hotel [he is not staying at any of his homes after the attack on Mary the Q]. Inside the hotel, she sees a woman come running from an elevator screaming about people with guns.

Sherrina goes up to the 5th floor, and discovers people shooting at each other in the corridor. She goes down to the 4th floor, steals a cleaning lady’s outfit and hides whatever she can’t carry in the bucket with a towel over it, and climbs out a window up the fire escape to Omega’s window. Someone is breaking down the door, she shoots him. Someone else emerges carrying a molotov cocktail, and Sherrina shoots him too. He falls, dropping the cocktail and starting a fire.

Sherrina screams for Omega to come out the window – he comes out from under the bed and is pushed up the fire escape to the 6th floor window as another shooter enters the alley. The shooter wounds Omega, but misses Sherrina, and Omega gets into the window. Sherrina falls, grabbing the fire escape rail on the 4th floor, injuring her shoulder. The shooter runs to the front of the building, presumably to find and shoot Omega. Sherrina tries to hoist herself up, wrenching her shoulder even more and falls, just managing to catch the rail of the 3rd floor fire escape. She gets inside the hotel and meets with Omega. They leave as Zack arrives, diving into his car as he pulls away.

Omega is taken to meet with Gary’s men, and Omega switches cars. He is put in a secure location.

Sherrina and Zack go to see Arlen Porter at Docks. In the back office, they ask about Omega. Porter pulls up a mugshot for “David White” with Omega’s face on it, and asks if that’s who they mean. Sherrina says she doesn’t know what Omega looks like. Porter doesn’t believe her but remains quiet. Sherrina asks who put a hit on Omega – Porter provides 5 email addresses, to be contacted when a person has the Omega… dead or alive. Bounties range from $10K to $35K [lesser, non-serious amounts are discounted as amateurs].

They leave.


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