Cyberpunk 202X

Week of Jan 27 2025

Tanya recovers a bail skip named Stanley Newes, who was charged with importuning. She is paid $400 by Shipley, who asks if she wants to join the betting pool. Tanya asks what the pool is about, and Shipley tells her they are betting on how soon Newes will die, and how. The leading categories are suicide, killed by other inmate(s), death by corrections officer(s), and some kind of “accident” – Tanya places $50 on “accident.”

Broken Saint decides to purchase First Bail Bonds, and goes to negotiate with Gentry using the name Brian Joseph Tucker. Gentry asks for $100K, and informs “Tucker” that bail bonds is not presently a growth industry. Tucker talks with Gentry a bit and contacts an attorney, the most honest one he can find – Marshall Shelton. With Shelton’s help, Tucker bargains down to $95,000.

Gentry talks to Tanya, who had previously made an offer for his business. Tanya is unsure about going into that much debt to acquire the business, and Gentry agrees that she should wait for another opportunity when she has built up more capital. He also points out how busy she is running Artemis Group since Hope disappeared. Tanya reluctantly agrees to pass on the business.

“Tucker” signs the deal, although it will take a couple of weeks to close and process, and another couple weeks to transfer title and assets. Gentry will continue to do bonds during this time, but Tucker will have final approval over them, and will collect 50% of the profits and liabilities. Any bonds still active after the transfer is completed will still be split between them, but with Tucker’s share increased to 65%.

Broken Saint begins investigations regarding the local bounty hunters, searching for the most corruptible one or ones. He already knows Tanya, and his initial research acquaints him with several major players – Kitty & Kitty, Rooster, Chain, and a new one named Onyx.

Saint also forwards research about biosynthskin to Dr. January, who is hoping to make Saint’s synthskin less technological and more organic to allow it to self-heal instead of needing manual repairs. She also hopes to introduce more subtlety and variety to patterns for the skins.

Kevin continues his expansion into the late Carita’s territory, neither confirming nor denying rumors that he was responsible for the public executions of the Vindicators here.

Nate, the 15 yr old recruited by Kevin to plant incendiaries in NOF hangouts, is doing well under Kevin’s tutelage. He despised the NoF for killing his older brother. He is displaying a talent for firearms.

Lana Prescott continues her tour, entering the final two weeks of the first tour since her accident. She looks forward to spending some quiet time in her home state of Kentucky.

A Price Too High
Week Of Jan 20 2025

Kevin approaches a third party about placing a contract on Carita. The other party agrees to the plan, but asks for more money than Kevin can presently afford.

Tanya begins looking for DeLann Quires, a prostitute who jumped bail. She starts her search at the Royal Hotel, where the proprietor Millie informs her that Quires is regular but hasn’t been there in the last several days. Tanya then scopes out the casino, with similar results. Tanya spies a woman on her knees with a man in a nearby alley, but it turns out to be Candy.

John and Jakes contact Carita, saying they believe Kevin has gone too far, and fear that they may soon end up on his hit list. They meet with Carita and a few of her guards at a diner in her territory. Carita is curious but wary, wondering aloud how she can trust them not to later betray her the way they are now betraying Kevin. John and Jakes reassure her on that point. Carita is considering their offer and in midsentence is shot through the head by a sniper on a rooftop across the street.

Carita’s men realize they suddenly no longer have jobs or a source of income, and that their failure to protect her has reduced their future employment prospects considerably. They flee the area.

Crimson submits demo recordings to Black River records, Moon Dark Music, and Sound Wave Studios.

Tanya opens negotiations with Gentry about buying First Bail Bonds.

Week Of Jan 13 2025

Charlotte is given leave to take out the Vindicators and control their territory.

Kevin contacts Dr. January about creating a biological weapon – one which spreads disease that incapacitates but doesn’t kill, and has a “shutoff trigger” after 24 hours. the idea is abandoned when the necessary cost proves too high.

Broken Saint searches to find out which hospital Porter is in. He eventually narrows it down to St. Maria’s.

Loneshot and Broken Saint begin seeking out the Vindicators. They find four in a run-down tenement. They shoot one and kidnap another named Ops. Interrogating Ops reveals where they can find the leader, Nobilitas. Saint cracks his phone, and through it the pair find Nobilitas and 2 others. They choloroform-bomb the building the Vindicators are in, knocking them all unconscious. Loneshot and Saint discover papers, printouts, and a computer with information about the group’s plans and activities.

Reading the files, they learn how Teschke took a ragtag band of wannabes and gave them purpose, providing them with knowledge of police methods and tactics, and leading them under the name “Auctoritas.” Teschke also connected them to a man named Joseph Darwin.

They also find information on Teschke’s plans for revenge, which the Vindicators took up on their own after Teschke’s death, adding Broken Saint to their list, believing Saint was the one who killed Teschke. The name “Broken Saint” does not appear anywhere in the files, but his face and some of his psuedonyms do. The Vindicators observed that Saint rarely appeared in public, had multiple boltholes, used multiple fake names, and managed to kill Teschke, a trained and formidable ex-police officer. From this, they deduced that Furgerson/ Lambo/ Montgomery must be a solo.

Loneshot also realizes that the Vindicators are using police issue weapons and ammmunition.

Kevin finds and rounds up several of the Vindicators, keeping them alive for questioning.

Broken Saint gets Porter’s number from Dr. January’s phone, having deleted all info from his own devices before trashing them. He arranges to meet Porter in the hospital. Porter requires that Saint arrive alone. Loneshot sneaks into a nearby building. Once in Porter’s room, Saint recites information that only he would know to Porter to prove his identity. Porter is not fully convinced, but accepts it for now. When Porter mentions that 2 of his men may die due to the actions of Saint and his friend, Saint assures Porter he knows someone worth 10 of Porter’s best men. At this, Loneshot trains a laser sight through the window on Porter. The guards immediately cover Porter and move him, closing the curtains. Saint tries to smooth this over with Porter by assuring him his friend is firmly in Saint’s pocket, just as Saint is firmly in Porter’s pocket.

Porter tells Broken Saint what needs to be done with the Vindicators. They must be made into an example, a warning, in public. Saint gets on the phone with Loneshot and they begin planning diversions to ensure no police or fire will interfere, but Porter cuts them off and states he will ensure no one interferes.

Loneshot and Broken saint dress up in costumes and makeup patterned after the character “The Crow” and parade the captured Vindicators through the sreets before nailing them up to crosses. Loneshot makes the first two recite his given name and his Latin gang name before shooting each one. The thrid recites his names, and Loneshot declares them all “out of luck.” Broken Saint then runs them all down with a steamroller.

Loneshot notices that Carita, the fixer who currently controls that territory, received her invitation and is in the crowd, witnessing this.

A new restaurant “Jazz” opens in Northern Kentucky with live music and half-price drinks for the Grand Opening. The following night, local musician Crimson debuts his new single there, titled “Iris.”

Running In The Dark
Week Of Jan 6 2025

In the year 2025….

Charlotte hears that the Fine Boatman may be up for sale soon and makes an appointment to talk to Victor Leopold.

Tanya begins tracking down Stanley Newes, a bond skip. She parks outside his house shortly after dark and observes as Mrs. Newes arrives home and talks to the children. After a bit, Tanya knocks on the door. Identifying herself as a bail enforcement agent, she asks for information on Newes. Mrs. Newes states that Stanley’s brother bailed him out, and that as far as she’s concerned, Stanley can rot in hell. She implies that she would not be sorry if Tanya was forced to shoot him in a “struggle” to take him in.

One of Kevin’s “ears on the street” informs him of a $50,000 bounty placed on a man who goes by multiple names – Henry R. furgerson, David Lambo, and Trey Montgomery. Kevin is curious who this is and has John and Jakes look into it.

Broken Saint gets an email inviting him, one of Lana Prescott’s biggest fans, to her concert at Eric’s that night. He is offered a front row comp ticket, and with a little work, finesses it into a backstage pass. Loneshot argues that Saint shouldn’t go, even knocking him out briefly to keep him home. Saint recovers shortly afterward and insists on going. Loneshot grudgingly relents, but insists on going along.

While driving home, Tanya gets a call from Shipley – he got a tip on 3 skips, Russian students busted for shoplifting. they have few friends or contacts here, and will likely be staying with them, but their plane leaves tomorrow. Shipley gives Tanya a couple addresses. She checks out the first one, but finds nothing. She parks outside the second one for about 15 minutes, again finding nothing. She knocks on the door, and informs the student who answers that she is a bail enforcement agent looking for the Russians. The student reacts nervously, saying “I told them it wouldn’t work” over and over. Tanya questions him, implying that helping bond skips is a crime.

The student tells Tanya that they left about 15 to 20 minutes ago – apparently just before Tanya arrived – and that they are heading for the airport. Tanya jumps in her car and races for the bridge to catch them before they cross the river, outside of her jurisdiction. she contacts Broken Saint, asking him to do that trick with the traffic lights that he did when chasing Teschke. Saint turns all southbound lights red within several blocks of the bridge ramp.

Tanya catches up to the Russians, thanks to Saint finding their car through a traffic camera, but the trafficjams work against her, blocking her car from getting through. She sees police directing traffic near the bridge, jumps out of her vehicle, and runs toward them. She shouts for the closest officer to stop their car, waving her Agent ID in the air. The officer moves up to the car, raps on the window, and orders the driver out. Tanya runs up and shows the bond paperwork to the officer. She rounds up the three Russian students, but she and the officer agree that is would be difficult to make any charges of complicity stick to the driver and other passenger.

City Council announces a replacement for the late Dale Lucien – Kiesha Farmer (D), the next highest vote-getter. In light of the recent murder of Tara Raines, Council is expected to appoint Pete Longmire (L).

Kevin is wondering about the murder of Tara Raines of City Council, who was killed at about the same time as several others in seemingly unrelated incidents on the morning of New Year’s Eve. John and Jakes find out that all the people killed at that time had spoken out against former police officer Steven Teschke. Researching the matter further, he discovers that nearly everyone who testified had been killed in similar circumstances. The few surviving people that spoke out are two officers from Teschke’s precinct, a reporter who had suddenly gone on vacation, and two restaurateurs. John and Jakes also piece together Teshcke’s connection to The Vindicators… who operate fairly close to Kevin’s new territory.

Broken Saint hangs up his phone and secures his motorcycle in the parking lot at Newport On The Levee. He and Loneshot have set up a hack to kill all the lights in the entire Levee if necessary, at Loneshot’s insistence. He walks into Eric’s just in time for “Trey Montgomery” to meet Lana before the show.

Loneshot waits nearby as Saint talks to Lana. Saint receives a text from Krystal Edge saying “Get out of town!” barely a moment before Loneshot gets a message on his phone from his nameless contact suggesting a possible bounty – $50,000 on Furgerson/Lambo/Montgomery, with Saint’s face next to the names. He looks up and sees several people entering the club wearing makeup and hair of shifting colored patterns and carrying concealed weapons. He reaches for Saint just as one of the new arrivals pulls out a gun and fires.

Loneshot grabs Saint and begins dragging him out through the crowd as security pulls Lana away from danger. Another gunman fires, shooting one of Lana’s guards through the head. Loneshot shoots at him, dropping him. Saint immediately hacks the lights and plunges Eric’s and the rest of the Levee into darkness. Loneshot’s infrared allows him to sight another of the painted-up gunmen and drop him, as a shot from across the room drops a third. Loneshot drops one more as a shot from the stage – probably security – takes out the last.

Loneshot hustles Saint away, as they head for the bridge. As they approach the ramp, they see Porter and two of his men trying to wave them over. Broken Saint shouts to shoot, and Loneshot fires at all three of them as he speeds by. They then head for Saint’s primary safehouse.

Broken Saint spends the next several hours erasing all data about himself from computers, the phones of his contacts, and any other database he can think of.

As Tanya is processing the Russian captures into the jail, she hears from another solo about a new street bounty worth $50,000. The solo holds up his phone, and Tanya recognizes the face connected to the bounty as Broken Saint. she tries to call Saint as soon as she is out of the building, but can’t find his number in her phone.

Saint texts Porter and says “It was a mistake” and that he would pay for two new men.

Loneshot takes Saint to see Dr. January. Loneshot recognizes her new guards as the live bodies he had recently delivered to her, but now acting in a subservient, machine-like manner.

Dr. January greets Saint by saying, “You have the face of a man who has seen a lot of trouble. Want a new one?” Saint quickly agrees, offering her $50,000 for a new face and to delete any and all files she has on him. Dr. January accepts the offer.

Charlotte receives a call from a very exhausted sounding Porter, asking her to come to see him in the hospital. She takes a couple bodyguards and goes. Porter is in a very expensive, very secure wing of a high-end hospital. Charlotte recognizes Victor Leopold there, and notices a few other people she is not familiar with.

Dr. January suggest some refinements for Broken Saint – balloon-type implants to permit moderate changes to his facial structure at will, as well as changeable synthskin and techhair. Saint accepts all of it.

She then gets a call from Porter, strongly suggesting she come to see him, implying that there is a “threat to her business.” She replies that she can’t very well take care of her business if she’s dead, looking over at Loneshot. Porter says “Understood” and hangs up.

After surgery, while Saint is unconscious, Loneshot discovers that the bodies he has been delivering to Kevin have been sold to Dr. January at a considerable profit.

Leopold pulls Charlotte aside and explains some of what happened that night, out of earshot of the others. Leopold explains that Porter had deduced who “Madame Webb” was, and that Kevin was working for her. Leopold tells her where the vindicators operate, in Carita’s area right outside Kevin and her territory. Leopold offers Charlotte control of Carita’s territory if she can capture it, and mentions that Kevin seems to be effective at doing just that. Leopold also mentions that no one cares in the least if the entire area is flattened to rubble in the process, or if Carita dies.

New Year's Event Horizon
Week Of Dec 31 2024

The last week of December 2024.

Darren Woods was released from the hospital and returned to duty a couple of days later.

The River City Literary Association held a memorial ceremony for Phaedra Gray, owner of feminist bookstore “Her Books.” Gray was murdered by Steven Teschke a week prior.

Rumor is that The Fine Boatman may be up for sale soon.


Five people are murdered -

Richard Marshall, a police officer on the cybersquad
Darren Woods, also of the police cybersquad
Tara Raines, of City Council
Stanley Quinn, a CPA
Ken Davidson, a homemaker

Broken Saint and Loneshot discover that all of them had spoken out against Teschke. Quinn and Davidson were on the Civilian Review Board, and Raines had been on the Board but stepped down upon her election to City Council. They investigate further and discover that Phoebe Fuji, owner of the Laughing Dragon, and Victor Leopold, owner of The Fine Boatman, are also on the Board.

Investigating Leopold, Broken Saint discovers that Leopold’s wife had left him several years ago for an affair with Dale Lucien. the name sounds familiar to Saint, and he digs deeper, finding Lucien had recently been elected to Council.

Loneshot asks where to find Lucien for questioning, and Saint informs him, “Dude, you already killed him!”

Kevin arranges deals with his hookers and dealers – he will take a smaller percentage of proceeds in exchange for them lowering their rates for one night.

During a philosophical discussion, Loneshot shoots and kills the mailman walking down the street outside Saint’s West End apartment.

After illustrating his point about “meatbags,” Loneshot sends Saint out to get supplies to dispose of the mailman’s body. On his way back, Saint picks up extra items to aviod suspiscion. He takes the extras to his real house, where he is met by a masked woman dressed in black, holding two gangbangers bound, gagged and blindfolded.

The woman identifies herself as Onyx, and forces the two captures to explain why they are here. They are members of the Vindicators, a gang Teschke had ties to, and had come to kidnap Saint. A connection on the police force had discovered Saint’s involvement in Teshcke’s death and had come to bring Saint in to question him. Porter was tipped to Saint’s involvement, and sent Onyx to “protect an asset.” Onyx helps Saint carry stuff to his apartment, as Saint laments having to give up yet another place.

Loneshot has covered everything in plastic and set up disposal of the corpse as Saint arrives (Onyx is advised by Saint not to enter). Saint and Loneshot decide to go out for New Year’s Eve.

Kevin sends a couple of his girls, Candy and Sharice, to the college area. The girls crash a house party and get to work. Candy clears over $9000 in money, drinks, and drugs, while Sharice only collects about $2000. When they return to Kevin’s, they get into a fight and Sharice threatens to cut Candy.

Charlotte goes to Upstairs At Eric’s for their New Year’s Eve party. She notices Broken Saint, who notices her as well as sighting Onyx in the crowd. Loneshot recognizes Charlotte from when he first dropped NOF bodies to Kevin.

Porter is at Eric’s, and invites Broken Saint to his table where he is sitting with Onyx. Porter makes a comment about Lana Prescott, who is singing at the time. Saint mentions that he is interested in the technology of Lana’s collar. Porter nods toward Onyx mentions he will be calling Saint in the near future.

2024 ends as River City rings in 2025.

Aim At Face
Week Of Dec 23 2024

Christmastime In River City. Snow is falling, lights are everywhere, good cheer is in the air.

Kevin acquires and sells numerous NOF bodies to Dr. January and others.

Loneshot kills one of the few remaining NOF. He takes the body to Kevin, ansd asks Kevin to help him find Teschke and a “Joseph Darwin.”

Tanya is called to the morgue to identify a body. The deceased is Elisa Fowler. Tanya was called after the morgue workers started calling contacts from Elisa’s phone, beginning with the most recent – Tanya was the first to respond. Tanya discovers that Tesschke has been targeting the people whjo spoke out against him, including Fowler and an officer named Darren Woods, who was shot and hospitalized earlier that day.

Tanya and Loneshot take up positions in and around the hospital in an attempt to capture Teschke if he comes back to finish the job.

Broken Saint is face down in the mall near his favorite Chinese restaurant while a charity Santa Claus bleeds out next to him. Everyone is on the floor per the orders of a man in a ski mask and black trenchcoat – one arm is ripped off the coat to reveal a cyberarm. The man pulls of his mask, revealing himself as Teschke, and yells “This is payback, bitch!” as he fires at someone inside “Her Books” bookstore.

Teschke runs off, and Broken Saint follows. He tails them for almost a mile, despite himself and civilians being shot at with bullets and even a grenade. Saint contacts Loneshot, who leaves the hospital to intervene.

Saint hacks traffic lights to try stopping the car, but they keep moving, causing accidents. Saint attempts to shoot Teschke a couple times, but misses. The car soon crashes passing under another hacked light, and Teschke carjacks a passerby, killing the driver and stealing the vehicle.

Loneshot eventually intercepts Teschke, just missing ramming into the car. Loneshot shoots out the tires, and the car rolls and crashes into a nearby house. Loneshot strafes the area continually, ensuring Teschke is dead. He saws off Teschke’s head and cyberarm, taking them along with him.

Loneshot turns over Teschke’s head to his contact, and is soon paid his fee. He is mildly rebuked for his “lack of discretion,” but his contact seems somewhat sympathetic to the circumstances.

Broken Saint later arrives at his apartment to find Loneshot already there, smoking a Cuban cigar and in the company of two women – one Japanese with sushi being served off of her, the other a white girl dancing on a pole.

Saint is stunned, and protests exasperatedly. Loneshot offers him a cigar and one of the girls as Saint tries to process what is going on in his home. He also offers Saint the damaged Arm he retrieved from Teschke. Soon after, Tanya arives, having been given the address and an invitation by Loneshot, much to Saint’s consternation. Saint accuses Tanya of being complicit in this “afterparty,” but Tanya denies it.

someone starts banging on the door. Saint hands Tanya her payment chip and answers the door. The landlord is there, complaining about the noise. Saint tries to pacify him, and offers him some fine sushi. The landlord begins to soften his demeanor and considers accepting some sushi when Loneshot shoots him through the head.

There is a muffled scream from across the hall. Saint is apoplectic, and verbally lashes out at Loneshot, saying he had things under control. Loneshot replies that no one is permitted to see his face.

The door across the hall opens, and the girl Saint is crushing on starts to step out. Loneshot steps forwards and kills her. Saint exclaims, “Hey, I liked that one!” Loneshot tells Saint that if he wants any “private dances” with either of the girls, now is the time.

Saint declines, and Loneshot apologizes for the necessity of what has to be done next. Loneshot kills both the girls, and orders Saint to begin packing up anything valuable. Tanya helps Saint carry his belongings to her SUV, and Loneshot torches the building.

Broken Saint directs Tanya to his proper home, and demands that Tanya not tell anyone where he really lives, especially Loneshot.

Light It Up!
Week Of Dec 16 2024


Hope has gone missing.

Jube aka “Loneshot” returns to town, and is given a contract. He also finds out about the bounties on NOF members placed by Kevin Thornton. Jube makes a deal with Kevin – instead of collecting NOF members one by one, he will lure 50 or more of them to one location and blow it up with them inside.

Tanya does more investigation as to the whereabouts of Roland Bell aka “Killa B.” She finally gets a lead – he has friends in NOF territory, and a friend at a makeshift recording studio.

Loneshot contacts Broken Saint with a plan to lure the NOF to the building Loneshot has chosen. Saint hacks their phones, then sends a message saying they need to start talking about the “white boys” who are killing people in these neighborhoods, saying they need to fight back and “light it up.” They find a demolitions expert and have him wire the building.

A man named Kado and two associates, all from the Kasugai clan, pay Kevin a visit. The clan is impressed by Kevin’s work in bringing order to this area, and Kevin agrees not to infringe on outside territories.

Tanya tracks down the “recording studio” in NOF territory – an abandoned warehouse. She sees people inside, and more arriving. On a nearby rooftop, Loneshot notices Tanya, and calls Saint to tell Tanya to leave the area. She drives about two blocks away. She asks Saint if he had seen Bell inside. Saint says he thought he saw him.

Loneshot and Saint trigger the explosives, destroying the warehouse and killing most of the people inside it. Loneshot fires on the few that manage to stagger or crawl out, as well as shooting 6 more in cars who were just arriving. Kevin’s men collect the bodies for later resale to various ripperdocs, 49 in total. Saint asks Loneshot to see if Bell is inside – he isn’t. Saint tells Tanya that Bell isn’t there. Loneshot passes by Tanya’s car and tips his hat, the same way he did after exiting her vehicle after he assassinated Dale Lucien. Tanya goes inside to look for herself, but doesn’t find Bell.

Loneshot goes out and finds another member of NOF and shoots him, delivering the body and bringing the total to the agreed-upon 50.

Kevin sells a few of the bodies to Dr. January, but she refuses most of them, saying she “doesn’t buy extra-crispy chicken.”

Loneshot informs Broken Saint of his contract on Teschke, and asks Saint to gather intel for him. Saint calls Sgt. Sparks, Teshcke’s former boss, but gets little info. Saint does find out that Teschke was formerly on the cyberpsycho squad – he is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Saint then calls Teschke’s ex-girlfriend, who tells him that Teschke had packed up and moved down to the Combat Zone, and that he had a couple of gang friends. While Saint investigates, Loneshot picks up some Chinese food for him.

Tanya goes to the police station and identifies herself as a bail enforcement agent, asking to speak with the person in charge about Teschke skipping out on bond. She learns that Teshcke has affiliations to at least two local gangs.

Loneshot disguises himself as a homeless man and looks for members of one of the gangs Teschke is known to associate with – he finds two of them and tails them to a house on the edge of Carita’s territory, close to NOF territory. He watches for a while, seeinig them smoke up, and has Saint call Tanya. Tanya arrives, and Loneshot goes over, asking for a penny or some change. He slips a piece of paper into her window, and backs off when Tanya threatens to shoot him. He then calls Saint, telling him to call Tanya and let her know that the paper was good. The paper says that it is a gang house, but it’s not known if Teschke is there. Tanya decides it’s unlikely that Teschke or Carita are there, and leaves.

Loneshot kicks in the door and shoots the gang members inside, killing 4 and subduing one. He tortures the kid for info about Teschke. The kid finally says Teschke talks to a “Joseph Darwin.” Loneshot then slits the kid’s throat.

Arming The Dangerous
Week of Dec 9 2024


Tanya asks Broken Saint to find out where Leopold’s weapons shipment will be delivered. Saint discovers two of Leopold’s preferred drop points – a couple warehouses – and buys toy helicopters, connecting cameras to them. He pays $1000 to a couple of Kevin’s boys to fly the copters and observe – one building has no activity other than security patrolling the grounds, the other has security doing rounds and two people inside, one doing paperwork and the other unpacking boxes of flowers.

Broken Saint then tries to collect his $1000 back from Tanya. She refuses. They negotiate down to $600, and she pays half of it now.

Saint sends the copters to watch the river and downtown area between the main interstate bridges. One drone copter finds a large number of delivery trucks going to Dockside. All trucks seem legit, but they are all unloading similar, unlabeled crates. Thee drone then crashes into Dockside’s parking lot. The people there pick up the drone. They keep the cam and throw the copter (and the hard drive) into the river. Saint reroutes the cam signal to lead to a hacker wannabe nicknamed “White Rabbit.”

Tanya meets officer Elisa Fowler at a nearby White Castle to pass along info about the weapons drop. She gives Fowler the video of the two warehouses, but there’s nothing Fowler can use.

Saint reviews the newest video, and sends all info he has to Krystal Edge before forwarding it to Tanya. He thinks he saw Leopold at Dockside, but isn’t sure. Tanya also thinks the person may be Leopold, but she also recognizes two fixers from Louisville named Tao and Qi. Hope had told Tanya about the fixers – they had visited the Warehouse recently, and then two cops came to the Warehouse looking for the pair.

Kevin makes a deal with Dr. January regarding future acquisitions of “material” for her. The Doctor insinuates that she is aware of what Kevin is planning and where he is operating.


Tanya does some research on Roland Bell aka Killa B. and discovers a hip-hop and rap website called Kronikle. Someone named RapRumor01 posted that Killa B. is working on a new album due in the new year, indicating that Bell is still active even though he’s in hiding after skipping out on a bail bond.

Tanya also takes a case on a Michael Wells, who was charged with extortion. He and co-defendant Kelly Overton had skipped bail, but Overton was recovered by Kitty F. while wells is still at large.


Kevin hears of rumors of “taking action” against the “white people executing blacks” in NOF territory. A couple of activists, Ronald Riege and R.J. Macks are leading the outrage toward Kevin and his people. Kevin contacts Broken Saint about “raining down cyberhell” on the activists. Saint then outsources the task to Krystal Edge, saying to make their lives difficult but “leave them kind of okay.” Kevin places a bounty on everyone in the NOF, offering $100 per body that is reasonably intact, and $300 if the capture is still alive.

Dr. January begins a “fire sale,” anticipating a sharp increase in volume soon.

Kevin is approached by an unknown person inquiring about selling him weapons.

Head Counts
Week Of Dec 2 2024

Broken Saint: “You blew her head clean off.”

Jube: “Just as well, there wasn’t a price on it.
Kevin manages to pay of most of his debt to “Smith,” and has a few days to settle the rest of it.

Hope and Tanya start tracking a bail skip – Roland Bell, aka rapper Killa B. Bell was charged with two counts of assault – he attacked another rapper, Derrick Furr (known as Fyurryous), after Furr hooked up with Bell’s girlfriend, vocalist Kendra Ames (aka “Diva”).

They talk to Alfred Masters at 40 Oz. Productions and try to persuade him to give them information on where Bell might be. Masters tells them nothing, and says that if he gets any info, he will let them know.

Kevin assigns his people to find out who the major players are in the NOF. Once he has their names and photos, he places bounties on the top ten, ranging from $375 for the top two, $150 for the middle ones, and $100 for the remainder.

The assassin Jube returns to River City, and begins looking for work. He finds out about the bounties on the NOF members. He contacts Broken Saint to help him acquire a few things he will need.

Jube and Saint “borrow” an ice cream truck, after bribing an employee. Saint dons a clown mask to hide his face and ferries Jube down to NOF territory to find one of the top bounties. They track him to a house party. Using IR and thermal imaging, they get a layout of how many people are there, and where they are in the house. Jube begins methodically killing all 7 of the people in the house.

They load the bodies into the truck and take them to Pimpf’s former residence, where Kevin has set up shop. Meeting John and Jakes, they ask to see Kevin. Kevin pays them for the one body in the truck that was on the list of bounties, and some extra for the other 6 bodies. A bounty hunter known as Rooster then drives up, and dumps the other high-dollar bounty in the street. Kevin pays him. Jube and Saint then leave with their money.

A masked woman in black pulls up, dumping 3 bounties for Kevin. Soon after, a van driven by a bounty hunter named Chain rolls up dragging 4 bodies by chains. Two can (barely) be identified as being on the bounty list, the other two are too damaged to determine. After some negotiation, Kevin pays Chain $100 for the two ID’ed bodies, and $70 for the other two.

Kevin takes the bodies to Dr. Fain, who buys a couple, and Dr. Z., who offers Kevin a not-too-terribly low price for all the damaged ones. The last of the bodies are sold to Dr. January.

Hope and Tanya listen to a few of Bell’s songs, struck by a verse that seems to indicate Bell may be hiding out in NOF territory. Hope and Tanya head there, wondering if Bell was one of those killed for bounty.

Money like liquor, both do flow/ When I move where the law don’t go – Killa B.

Cracking Down
Week Of Nov 25 2024

The 15 year old kid, Nate, that Charlotte recruited to place incendiaries in NOF territory is successful. Three hangouts are burned down – Hard Knocks, Schnook’s, and Smiley’s. HK is completely destroyed, the other two severly damaged.

Hope and Tanya go after Demetrius Gaines, a bail jumper charged with drug trafficking and possession of cocaine. He skipped out on a bond posted by Drew Clifton/American Bail Bonds.

They track down his mother, who tells them of a few of his hangouts… Gaines isn’t at any of them. They ask the mother if Gaines had a girlfriend – she says that Gaines had taken up with a girl named Denetra, and gives them her address.

They find Denetra at a dilapidated corner apartment in NOF territory. Denetra is several months pregnant. When asked, she confirms that Gaines is the father. She tells them he is probably hanging out in the back room at a bar called The 99,.

They find The 99, which is boarded up. They observe activity behind the building, and find the back door. Inside is a filthy, dimly lit room with a few strung out people, including one pawing at a near-empty baggie of coke next to Demetrius. Gaines isn’t moving – he’s dead. Hope and Tanya call an ambulance, and Gaines is declared dead of an overdose, most likely not too long before they arrived. The EMTs search his body and find several hundred dollars, offering $300 to Hope and Tanya. They accept.

They return to ABB and inform Clifton’s receptionist of what they found. Tanya goes back to Denetra’s place and tells her that Demetrius is dead. She gives Denetra $200 of what they were given by the EMTs. Hope keeps the remaining $100.

Charlotte stations Kevin to take charge of Pimpf’s 4 block territory, with John and Jakes (identical twins) assisting him. This is a proving ground for Kevin. He is known to report to a higher-up known as “Madame Webb,” but no one knows who that is.

Kevin is contacted by a man known as “Smith,” who inquires if Kevin is now taking over the area that belonged to Pimpf. Kevin says he is. Smith says that if he is taking over Pimpf’s territory and property, then he is also taking over Pimpf’s debt. Pimpf had recently been given a small line of credit and had purchased $70,000 worth of drugs, wepaons, and other items. The loan’s collection date had not yet come due when Pimpf was murdered. Since Kevin is making use of the items he acquired from Pimpf, he is now being held responsible for payment on them. He is told that the collection date is 10 days away. After a small protest from Kevin, he gives Kevin an extra 3 days. Kevin continues to try to negotiate, but Smith holds firm.

When the automated online service at his favorite Chinese restaurant goes down, Broken Saint bravely ventures outside to get his order manually. It takes him several days to recover from the experience.



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