Cyberpunk 202X

Strangers And Arrangers
Week Of Apr 8 2025

Jeremy Jhones is arrested, as are all the combatants in the firefight at the gala. He is booked and interviewed, and held overnight without bond.

Beverly Moore is stopped by a police officer who wants to copy the contents of her phone in case there is anything that might be considered evidence on it. She complies, knowing the cops won’t get anything useful – all her photos were taken on her cyberoptic camera. She goes home and copies the photos to her computers adn to her cloud backup.

Jeremy is arraigned and pleads Not Guilty. He is held over for a grand jury report and given a bond of $180,000. Amara Delaney arranges for SilkE Corporation to pay his bail. Jeremy is released into Amara’s custody. Jeremy is kept on duty at work, but restricted to the premises. Amara makes arrangements for a replacement bodyguard in the interim.

Charlotte contacts Broken Saint about the proposed anti-crime bill. She offers him $100,000 to scuttle the bill by any means he deems necessary. Saint agrees on condition that Charlotte provide him with protection for future ventures.

Amara contacts Victor Leopold and meets him at the Fine Boatman. She brings Jeremy for this (off the books) as well as her standard other guard, Karl. She inquires about the dock not far from his place – the same dock where she has been conducting business with Vanavian – and suggests a deal. She asks to use it a few times a month in exchange for payment. Leopold asks for $5000 and 48 hours notice before each use. Amara accepts his terms.

Beverly discovers to her horror that all the photos with people in them have disappeared from her computers and her cloud backup. Unknown to her, Broken Saint transmitted a worm to delete any images with elements that are recognizable to facial recognition programs… hence, all photos featuring people are gone, while photos of objects such as buildings with no one in them are still intact.

The last 800 photos Beverly took on her cyberoptic camera are still intact, including the photos from the firefight. Beverly decides to call “someone she knew in college” from her Communications courses.

Charlotte begins collecting the pieces she needs to assemble a nuke.

QUOTES – “I’m not contesting that your worm is really powerful!” – Casandra



Fooling Everyone
Week Of Apr 1 2025

Broken Saint goes to The Doctor’s office and arranges to have a new, improved synthskin made, and have it applied in about 3 weeks. He then goes to 1st Bail Bonds.

Tanya is about to enter Shipley’s office when she notices three men throwing gasoline on the First Bail Bonds building.

Broken Saint is motorcycling down Sycamore St. and sees the men dousing his office, and sees a man around the corner from Patinum Bail Bonds aiming a gun at Tanya. Before Saint can intervene, the man shoots Tanya through the head. Tanya is killed.

April Fool’s!

Broken Saint goes to The Doctor’s office and arranges to have a new, improved synthskin made, and have it applied in about 3 weeks. He then goes to 1st Bail Bonds.

Tanya informs Shipley of Cleon’s meeting and that Shipley was deliberately excluded.

Police have made a few forays into the area Kevin is annexing, as part of a pushback against crime.

Rollex goes to First Bail Bonds to see about bailing out Tonto’s mother. She has a $5000 bond at 10%, but Rollex only has $460 of the necessary $500. He offers Tucker $250 plus services. Tucker agrees but wants a rolex watch as well. Rollex returns to his apartment to try to contact someone who can provide him with a watch on short notice, but is unsuccessful. He goes next door to ask Dr. January for help, but she doesn’t know anyone who can acquire a watch for him. Having no other alternatives, Rollex calls up his ex-girlfriend. He asks her to check the stash he has in a wall there – she finds two Rolex wastches along with a few candy bars and $150 in cash. She pockets all of it except one watch, which she gives to Rollex.

Rollex takes the watch to Tucker, who does a quick evaluation online. Accounting for some damage and wear and tear on the watch, it’s worth approximately $13,000. Tucker asks Rollex if he’s sure he wants to part with it. Rollex insists he does, and claims he needs Tonto’s mom to help him with his taxes.

A gala is held downtown hosted by Amy Velez and Mike Peterman, who discuss the anti-crime bill proposal. Charlotte arranges for some protestors to picket outside the building, claiming the bill is unconstitutional and an infringement on liberty.

Tucker finesses himself an invitation to the event with little trouble – several other long-established bondsmen are there. Several corporates and business owners are there, including Gary Landrum, Dean Van Wyck, Amara Delaney, Victor Leopold, Serena Charybdys, and Phoebe Fuji. Also present are The Chief of Police, the city and county prosecutors, and several members of City Council.

Amara Delaney’s bodyguard, Jeremy Jhones, excuses himself to the restroom. After a not-too-brief visit, he is returning to the event when he hears a noise in a supply closet. He discovers one of the security people he talked to earlier in the day, not yet dead, stripped to his underwear and a bullet hole in his chest.

Jeremy runs back to the room and whispers his discovery to a few of the security people he recognizes from earlier. He suddenly notices a guard behind Victor Leopold subtly drawing a gun and aiming at Leopold. Just before the man can pull the trigger, Jeremy shoots, dropping him.

The room erupts into chaos as several security men and a few of the waiters turn on the guests and staff. Bodyguards hustle their charges out fo the room as Leopold’s other guard turns and shoots the assassin through the head. During the firefight, the fake guards head for the windows. Tucker sees 3 of the fakes get dropped by security inside the room, while 2 escape out the window, as he calmly makes his way to safety.

On the street, a redhead who was documenting the protestors snaps photos of the uproar. Tucker notices her just as she gets a photo of his face in the crowd.

Back Room Politics
Week Of Mar 24 2025

Mr. Cleon of Perimax Inc. invites several people involved in the bail bonds industry to a private conference. Bondsmen Drew Clifton, Old Man Starr, and Brian Joseph Tucker are invited, but not Shipley (Platinum Bail Bonds). Among bail enforcement agents, Tanya Omari, Rooster, Onyx, and Levi Sickles are invited. Cleon takes Tanya’s recommendation not to invite Chain.

Tanya considers developing a subscription service to offer through Artemis Group – real-time updates whenever someone skips out on a bail posted by a bondsman, sent immediately to the subscriber’s device.

A drug dealer called Riley Rollex sets up a place in River City. He finds an apartment in the building next to Dr. January’s clinic, where rents are low and few people want to live. He and his main man Tonto get some extremely basic furniture moved in.

Once settled into his new digs, Rolex pays a visit to Dr. January. The guards meet and question him outside, discerning that he does not have an appointment. The Doctor agrees to see him, and the guards strip him of all weapons, which Tonto retrieves for safekeeping.

Rollex wants to collect information about some of the Doctor’s patients, but she refuses to violate doctor-patient confidentiality. She does offer him the option of hanging around by the door and trying to guess which patients may be competitors. When inquiring about some of the bigger names in the area, he hears the name Kevin Thornton and learns that Thornton tried to purchase an unspecified bioweapon from her.

Rollex also asks if she would inform him when other drug dealers come through and are released, so he can find them and shoot them, and offers the Doctor the bodies in return. The Doctor declines.

She does, however, offer to purchase bodies that Rolex brings in and contracts him to do some repo work on patients who fail to pay for services rendered. She makes an offer to pass along his contact info to a person who specializes in information.

Rollex leaves a metal business card, with a tracker embedded in it. The Doctor swabs it for DNA and dusts for prints, and later slips the card into the pocket of an outgoing patient.

The invitees arrive at the conference. Tanya offhandedly notices that Levi leaves his bulky jacket outside in the car, despite the weather. They are all divested of weaponry and devices such as phones that can record the proceedings – Cleon has a scrambler broadcasting jsut in case to foil any such attempts.

In the conference room a hologram of Cleon lays out his proposal. Cleon wants to have legislation passed that would allow bounty hunters to arrest violent criminals, freeing up police manpower and reducing the danger they are exposed to. He also mentions that the bondsmen would no longer be “screwed over” by Shipley.

His proposal also includes a plan for holding trials in absentia, when criminals cannot be recovered.

Drew Clifton contacts Cleon and asks what Cleon knows about Shipley that Clifton doesn’t. Cleon tells him to investigate the Kittys.

Chef Rodney and JAZZ pass the health inspection.

Hello Goodbye
Week Of Mar 17 2025


Chef Rodney is notified of a pending health inspection.

Rodney returns to the house of the man he followed recently at 4 AM on Saturday night. He knocks on the front and back doors, and getting no answer, he breaks in through the back. He finds the man passed out drunk on the couch. He punches the man in the head, smashing his head into the bottle edging out from under the cushion, killing him. Rodney bleaches the sofa and cushion, leaving the broken glass alone. He drags the dead man outside and loads the body into his Tahoe. Rodney notices a neighbor on their phone, and quickly leaves. He stashes the body at JAZZ and dumps the truck in and alley in a crime-ridden neighborhood, setting it on fire.

Jeremy Jhones goes to work for Amara Delaney. He notices a small security hole outside the SilkE Corporation building she works in – the staff has it accounted for, but noticing it wins Jeremy a bit of recognition for his skills.

Tanya goes to Gentry’s going-away party, hosted at Shipley’s office. The Kittys are there, handing out cake and drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise). A bail enforcement agent named Levi Sickles arrives, carrying various candies made by his wife Natalie.

Old Man Starr drops in, grousing that he is out $50,000 because of a bail jumper, and congratulates Gentry on his retirement. He gives Gentry a gift. Gentry opens it to find a stack of one hundred $1 bills and a business card for “the finest strip joint in Hawaii.” Starr vouches for the quality of the establishment as he leaves.

Chain arrives at the party, and proceeds to engage in drinking.

Charlotte becomes aware of a rise in weapon and armor sales into the disputed area formerly under Carita’s domain – the same territory Kevin is slowly bringing under his own control – but does not know who is supplying the materials.

Sofia Stuyvek fires her lawyer via social media, claiming he was “not supportive” of her emotional needs.

Onyx pops into the party briefly, bearing a bottle of champagne for Gentry.

Tanya meets Cleo, the owner of Gentry’s favorite late-night chili restaurant. Tanya makes a note of the location in case she finds herself hungry while working late.

Brian Joseph Tucker arrives at the party. He mostly just sits in one corner looking at his phone. Tasha and Bill take turns covering each other at First Bail Bonds so each can wish Gentry goodbye and good luck.

Rooster comes to the party. He presents Gentry with (yet another) bottle of wine, and Levi gives Rooster a bag of candy his wife made for him. Rooster introduces himself to Tucker and says he hopes that Tucker will live up to the fine standards set by Gentry.

A couple of deputy clerks drop in on their way to work across the street. Gentry’s former employee Dave – who resigned to finish college when Gentry announced his retirement – comes by and gives Gentry a bottle of Scotch.

Kitty F. begins dancing on Shipley’s desk, and gives Gentry a $1 bill to tip her with. Chain and a couple others also tip her.

Jeremy accompanies Amara to a meeting with her contact, Vanavian, down at the docks. Vanavian arrives by boat with his own bodyguard, and has 3 briefcases with him. The first contains music-related electronics. The second briefcase is filled with medical electronics. The last one has interactive digital entertainment suites, primarily of the type starring analogs of celebrities who would not consent to licensing their likenesses to this sort of entertainment. Vanavian brags how he got hold of a chip with a cracked simulation of singer Lilly Perez, the first one with her on it.

As Tanya leaves the party, she hears Gentry’s phone beep with a notification. He has found an extra $1000 suddenly deposited to his account. Once outside, Tanya receives a similar notification, finding $1000 in her account as well. She just sighs, wondering what Broken Saint is up to now.

Having seen or heard no sign of her partner Hope Stevenson in over 3 months, Tanya files for full custody of Artemis Group.

Amy Velez and Mike Peterman begin a proposal for an anti-crime bill, to put more cops on the street and restore order in the inner city, specifically the where Kevin is applying scorched earth tactics.

Tony is now working at The Warehouse. neither failing nor distinguishing himself.


QUOTE: “A known weakness can be better than a known strength.”

Skip Week III
Week Of Mar 11 2025

No game this week due to GXO illness.

Roll The Time, On Whose Dime?
Week Of Mar 4 2025

Resistance in the disputed territory fades as Kevin asserts control, the frigid weather not helping the oppostion any. He begins his recruiting phase by offering rewards to informers about any remaining resistors. He then lays low for now, keeping an eye out for police since they intercepted one of his “text messages.”

Tucker settles into his new business with First Bail Bonds. Two of Gentry’s former employees, Bill and Tasha, remain on. Tucker assumes the 8 am – 5 pm shift, with Bill working 5 pm until 1 am, with Tasha working the overnight shift. Bill is empowered to issue bonds, Tasha has 3 months to go until she can receive her license – she must call Tucker into the office to sign for any bonds on her watch.

Realizing the 3 of them aren’t enough if any of them ever want a day off, Tucker posts and ad for 2 part-time employees, offering $2 above minimum wage for unlicensed candidates, and $6 above minimum for anyone who is licensed.

Tucker, Bill, and Tasha all receive invitations to a surprise going-away party for Gentry.

Tanya recieves an invitation to the party as well.

Tanya investigates a skip named Shiro Thompson and pays a visits to the house he shares with a couple roommates near the University. Shiro isn’t there, but a punked-out roommate of his is. Tanya explains that she is a bail enforcement agent and – after assuring the roomie that she won’t go into his stuff – persuades her way into Shiro’s room. The roommate also mentions that Shiro has a friend named Jason. After a quick search, she gives the roommate $20 as a thank-you for cooperating. The roommate suddenly remembers more information, such as the name and address of Shiro’s girlfriend, Sheila, in exchange for another $20.

Tanya goes to Sheila’s place, and sees a car in the driveway. She checks the plates and confirms the car is Shiro’s. As she walks by the car towards the front door, she stealthily slashes a tire. She knocks on the door, hearing music inside, but gets no answer. Knocking harder, she loudly annouces she has a pizza delivery. Sheila answers the door, and Tanya says she has two pizzas in her car, claiming she left them there to keep them warm since no one responded to her first knock. Sheila yells for Shiro, asking if he ordered pizza. Shiro walks into the living room wearing nothing but pajama pants, saying he didn’t order anything. He wonders if Jason was playing a prank on him. Tanya insists that someone has to pay for the pizzas, finally stating that if they pay for one, she will cover the other one.

Shiro goes to get money, and when he hands it to Tanya, she grabs his wrist and pulls him onto the porch, pressing him face first against the wall. She IDs herself as a bail enforcement agent while the girlfriend nearly goes into hysterics. Shiro keep telling her to quiet down. Tanya asks Sheila to get Shiro’s shoes for the trip downtown. Shiro tells her to do it, and to take his stuff to Jason’s.

After turning in Shiro, Tanya goes to Platinum Bail Bonds, where Shipley pays her $300. She asks him about the new guy who bought Gentry’s business. Shipley says he hasn’t met him yet, and asks if Tanya is coming to the party. She says she is.

Jeremy is given an appointment to meet Amara Delaney. Given the circumstances of his “application,” she questions him on whether he has the ability to be subtle or not. After an interview, he is hired on a probationary basis and given a respectable salary and benefits. Jeremy begins scoping out the area for security holes but says nothing, deciding he needs a few days to really get a look before saying anything. The security in the building appear to be quite competent.

Chef Rodney looks for a large, fit, and aggressively mean male among his customers. Finding one having an enthusiastic disagreement with a waitress, he asks the man why he is unsatisfied with his order. He invites the man into the kitchen to cook the chicken himself. He mildly surprises everyone by doing a mostly passable job of it. After the man leaves, Rodney asks the waitress and the other cook if they want coffee, then follows the man to his home. He quickly swings by a coffee shop and returns to JAZZ.

Lana Prescott checks in with the P.I. she hired, Darren Land. He shows her photos of five men he suspects of attacking Lana. the other singer who witnessed part of the attack noticed the assailant hade a claw-like tattoo on the back of his right hand. Land compiled his list by cross-matching the claw tattoo with men who have previous charges or convictions of a similar nature, and were in the area at the time. All candidates are white males in their mid-30s, around 5’10" and 175 lbs. with dark hair and eyes.

- Dave Farrell, a drifter. Has prior conviction for assault. Last sighted out west.

- Arthur Williams. Previously charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend. Whereabouts unknown.

- Kevin Sloane. Prior charge of assault using a knife. In jail in Kentucky.

- Jack Harkness. Slit a man’s throat during a robbery. Last seen working in a warehouse in Columbus Ohio.

- Frank Wellborn. Convicted rapist. Whereabouts unknown.

Lana thanks Land for his time and efforts and returns home, taking some pills to try not to think about things.

Charlotte continues importing shipments of drugs, weapons, and some women. She is on watch for anyone looking too closely behind the scenes, particularly any nosy reporters.

Tanya discovers a charge on her phone from a Chinese takeout place.

Week Of Feb 24 2025

Chef Rodney receives a visit from a Detective Grimes, who is investigating the disappearance of Pietro Stuyvek. Pietro was last known to be seen leaving his house with Rodney two nights before. Rodney states that Pietro left the restaurant around 3 AM. Grimes asks Rodney if he knows anything about a woman named Susan, and Rodney replies that Pietro’s wife told Pietro that he “better not be hanging around with that Susan again.” Pietro apparently never made it home.

Lana Prescott checks in with her private investigator, Darren Land. Land says he has recently discovered a couple of possible leads about who attacked her last year, and will be following up on them. He will be collecting photographs and dossiers to show her within a week.

Kevin sends another “text message” around the neck of another severely mutilated Hispanic man to the people of the area he is trying to control -


AS third “message” is sent on the body of one of the resistors. It is not displayed publicly, but sent only to his associates – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

Broken Saint asks Porter to put him in contact with Kevin. Porter agrees to have Kevin call Saint. Saint insists to Kevin that if he ever needs a good hacker, to call upon Saint’s services.

The transfer of the recently-sold First Bail Bonds to Brian Joseph Tucker hits a snag with a legal technicality, which Tucker resolves with $400 from his own pocket to the lawyers. Once smoothed out, the business is now his. Gentry wishes him the best of luck in his new venture. Two of Gentry’s people – Bill and Tasha – decide to stay on to assist Tucker.

Tucker calls Tanya to his new office for a friendly chat. She becomes suspicious of him during the conversation, as he strongly reminds her of someone. Certain mannerisms make Tanya think of Broken Saint, but his face isn’t right and his voice is different. Tucker intentionally adds to this impression with certain manners of speech, and Tanya seriously begins to wonder if it’s Saint. Tucker then uses his phone to hack hers, entering “B.S.” as a contact. Tanya, realizing her instinct was correct after all, edits the contact entry to “Jerkface.”

Jeremy completes a second gig for Frost, and visits the Royal Hotel. He chats with the proprietor, Millie, about possible employment opportunities and describes his background in bodyguard work. Millie mentions that a Dean Van Wyck recently lost a bodyguard, but doesn’t go into detail. Jeremy finds his way into the bar, and scouts out the people there.

Jeremy sees an important-looking woman sitting with a bodyguard who is not as attentive as he could be – drinking alcohol on the job, for example (even if only a small amount). Jeremy strides over and suddenly strikes the bodyguard, knocking him to the floor unconscious. He introduces himself and learns that the woman is Amara Delaney, who says that she works for a textile corporation, which she does not name. She hands him a card and says she will be in touch.

As Delaney pays and turns to leave, the barkeep asks if she is going to check on Tony, her now-former bodyguard. Delaney instantly replies “He shamed me. In public.” By failing to defend himself against a simple attack, Delaney is now exposed as being vulnerable.

Jeremy offers to pay Millie for the broken chair Tony was sitting on. Millie says to go talk to her husband, it’s his bar.

Sofia Stuyvek is named as a suspect in the possible murder of Pietro Stuyvek and is arrested. She has a prior charge of domestic violence against him on record.

Get The Message
Week Of Feb 17 2025

The “Kentucky Rage” event begins at JAZZ, as chef-hopefuls compete for promotion by Chef Rodney.

Tanya begins searching for Norman Underwood, a bond skip charged with selling drugs. She learns that Underwood lives in the disputed territory formerly run by Carita, and that he has a mother, grandmother, and brother living there, and has several criminal associates.

A Helen Smith comes to First Bail Bonds to bail out her boyfriend, David Smith. Smith is charged with domestic violence against his wife, Sara. After discovering Fine is currently unemployed and has no source of income at present, Broken Saint agrees to post the $2000 bond for her in exchange for $200 and her 2017 Camry as collateral.

Tanya tracks down Underwood, and determines with IR that another person, Underwood’s girlfriend, is in the apartment with him. Arriving at the door, Tanya detects the smell of meth being smoked. After getting no response at the door, she breaks in. Shots are fired, and Tanya collars Underwood.

Officer Eric Jackson is dispatched to a shots-fired call, and arrives just as Tanya is cuffing Underwood’s Girlfriend. Jackson checks out Tanya’s paperwork, proving her claim of being a bail enforcement agent. Seeing the broken door and the cuffed woman, Jackson considers whether charges should be filed on Tanya, but Tanya negotiates a deal with the woman – if no charges are filed about the door or breaking in, Tanya won’t file charges on Underwood for attempting to kill her. Tanya claims she broke in as part of a wellbeing check, since she smelled meth and smoke. Jackson, having not witnessed the incident, is okay with this.

Jackson notices drugs in the living room of the apartment. Tanya mentions that Underwood had a gun concealed inside the apartment as well. Jackson enters, and finds more drugs and weapons stashed inside. Jackson cites Underwood and the woman. Tanya leaves with Underwood, Jackson cuffs the woman as a couple of detectives arrive.

As Jackson and the detectives are leaving, they hears a car door slam and tires peel out. Exiting the building onto the sidewalk, they hear screaming and see a severely mutilated Hispanic man in the street. The man has a sign hung around his neck that reads “WE CAN BE FRIENDS OR WE CAN CONTINUE LIKE THIS!”

An ambulance arrives and takes the man to a hospital. The detectives decide to take lunch a little early at the Broken Prayer, and offer to buy a round for Jackson. Jackson politely declines.

Chef Rodney announces the winner of Kentucky Rage, Sally Wakeman. The last-place winner, Pietro Stuyvek, is very publicly “awarded” a consolation prize by Chef Rodney – a $100 gift card to McDonald’s.

Chef Rodney has someone follow Pietro to his home. That night, Rodney visits and encounters Pietro’s wife, Sofia. A brief exchange with Sofia helps Rodney understand why Pietro suffered a crisis of confidence during the event. Rodney offers to teach Pietro and help him improve as a chef. Pietro reluctantly agrees to go with Rodney, Sofia’s admonishment to not “hang around with that Susan” on his way back ringing in his ears. At JAZZ, Rodney attacks Pietro and kills him. He grinds up the corpse and serves a 3-meat pie the following day.

Jeremy, a new arrival in River City, is seeking work. Experienced as a corporate bodyguard, he is unable to immediately find employment in this line. He scouts around and discovers a man named Frost, who offers him a percentage of money Frost is owed, if Jeremy collects it for him. Jeremy agrees, and Frost gives him a name – Joey – and an address.

Jeremy finds the address near the college, and knocking on the door, has a short conversation with Joey’s roommate, Steve. Steve is intimidated into letting Jeremy wait in the house until Joey returns. When Joey finally comes home, he tries numerous unsuccessful verbal tactics to evade payment, then pleads that he will have the money soon. Jeremy demands payment now, and ends up driving Joey’s car (with title) back to Frost. Frost gives Jeremy approximately $400 for the completed job.


“This isn’t so bad, this is just me texting someone.” – Kyle

Skip Week II
Week Of Feb 10 2025

No game this week.

Skip Week
Week Of Feb 3 2025

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