City Council


There are nine members of the City Council. Election results from Nov. 5 2024 -

Amy Velez – Republican

Thomas Barron – Democrat

Alicia Davis – Republican

Robert Greenberg – Charterite

Dale Lucien – Charterite [deceased; see Note below]

Mike Peterman – Republican

Tara Raines – Libertarian [deceased; see Note below]

Kevin Slater – Democrat

Desmond Unger – Republican

NOTE: Councilman Dale Lucien was murdered on Nov. 19.

Councilwoman Tara Raines was murdered on New Year’s Eve, possibly in connection with several other murders that occurred around the same time.

In January 2025, Keisha Farmer (D) and Pete Longmire (L) were appointed to City Council to fill seats formerly held by Lucien And Raines.


City Council

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