Cyberpunk 202X

There's Still Time To Make One More Bad Decision

Week Of June 30 2025


“This is what it came to.” – Draven Young

Candy acquires a couple of “staffers” – a homeless man and a young 20-something girl.They run an occasional errand for Candy and sometimes bring her coffee.

The anti-crime bill sponsored by Council members Velez and Peterman gains support. Several prominent figures have stated their official positions on the bill -

Amy Velez [ R ]
Mike Peterman [ R ]
Thomas Barron [ D ]
Kevin Slater [ D ]
Melissa Lake [Horizon Entertainment]
David Arnett {Jackson TeleDigital]
Drew Clifton [American Bail Bonds]
Victor Leopold [The Fine Boatman]
Phoebe Chun [The Laughing Dragon]

Alicia Davis [ R ]
Desmond Unger [ R ]
Walter Jensen [District Attorney]
Michael Lind {Prosecutor]
Josiah Shipley [Platinum Bail Bonds]
Merrye Joh [The Broken Prayer]
Juan Diaz [CQ Unlimited]

Kevin Thornton shares the information he has on local politicians with Broken Saint.

Tsurigo has struck a deal with Undagroundz Studios. Lana Prescott will start recording at Undagroundz within the week.

Attorneys make their closing arguments in the trial of Sofia Stuyvek, who is charged with murdering her husband Pietro. Sofia denies killing him, arguing that is she had killed him, it would have been done much more efficiently and beneficially to her. “Good for nothing Pietro. He couldn’t even die right!”

Bounty hunters Reid McGregor and Draven Young come to River City seeking a bond skip… Robert Corvens, aka Reb Afterburn. Reb is out on bail for charges of felonious assault, and fled Indianapolis. He is grafted into his motorcycle. His friend Carter Halpin (aka “Wire”), a known drug dealer, has come with him.

Reb was arrested in River City on a misdemeanor assault charge, and was bonded out by Shipley. Reid and Draven head to Platinum Bail Bonds first thing in the morning. They ask Shipley about Reb, but Shipley does not know Reb’s whereabouts. They make arrangements with Shipley to reimburse him for his bail money, in exchange for taking Reb back to Indiana right away instead of standing trial in River City.

Reid and Draven soon discover where Reb is when Reb starts tearing up a bar in Walnut Hills. A they head over to the bar, Kevin dispatches his samurai to take care of the problem. Reid and Draven arrive just as the samurai does, who hangs back and watches.

Reid and Draven manage to subdue Reb, but kill Wire and two civilians in the process. As they are loading Reb into their van, chaining his tires so he can’t escape, the samurai leaps into the van. Holding a knife to Reb’s throat, he says, “If you ever come back, you won’t leave.” The samurai makes his exit, as Reid and Draven drive off.

Within minutes, Dr. January’s men begin picking up bodies from the bar.

Reid and Draven return to the Justice Center with Reb. Both hunters are arrested and charged with murder.

Phone video from the incident at the bar is uploaded almost immediately.



“No, not youtube.coma!” – Raymond



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