Cyberpunk 202X

Ground Zero

Week Of Sept 29 2025

Kevin Thornton wants to identify Tanya’s escorts/bodyguards but they have no wallets or IDs. Each body has minimal money ($300-$400 in cash), burner phones, prepaid debit cards, etc. The cars contain spare tires, extra ammo, and the like, but not much else. The surviving bodyguard is moved from Kevin’s base to a nearby warehouse.

Kevin drags Tanya’s body from the car and searches it, finding a phone acting as an open mic. He tosses it in a puddle to short it out. He has Tanya’s body taken to a nearby warehouse where it is incinerated. The bodies of Tanya’s escorts are sold to Dr. January for $2500.

John and Jakes attempt to get information from the surviving bodyguard, but he refuses to talk. They remove his fingers with bolt cutters, but he still remains silent. They ready a blowtorch to cauterize the wounds on his hands when he suddenly attacks, knocking the blowtorch at Jakes, burning his face and setting his shirt on fire. The guard runs for a window. John shoots but misses while a minion extinguishes the flames on Jakes. One of the men tackles the guard just before he reaches it. The men all dogpile on him and drag him back. They hamstring him so he can’t run, strap him to a chair, and cauterize his wounds. They take a photo and send it to base. The man is soon identified as Warren Costman, one of Porter’s agents – a good one, but not necessarily his elite.

Kevin buys a burner phone and calls Porter. He says that their interests appear to have diverged, and explains the incident with Tanya. He offers to make amends and to have Dr. January help Costman. He then offers to take Porter to Kevin’s meeting with his anonymous patron and gather info on where the nuclear material is coming from.

Jason Griggs assigns a couple of techs to find out what was done to the computer that transmitted the attack on Lana Prescott. They discover that the last person to use the computer was an intern named Justin Barnhart. He passes the information on to Carolyn Montgomery, his contact as Tsurigo. Carolyn urgers Griggs to keep the incident quiet for right now. Griggs reluctantly agrees.

Carolyn turns over the info to Tsurigo’s security chief in Kentucky, James Finegan. Finegan sends two of his men, Kendal and Aaron, to question Barnhart. A combination of bribery and threats persuades Barnhart to explain his part in the matter. He received the program from a local hacker named Zee-roX, and was told it was to collect information on the band Fatal Mission, who were accused of stealing a former member’s work. Fatal Mission had been using the studio until a day or two before Lana took it over – they left on tour a bit earlier than planned, freeing up the space for Lana.

Zee-roX was acting on behalf of Thomas Leeks, aka “Ronar Dark,” who was in the band Ragnarokk. Leeks was kicked out for excessive drug use and belligerent behavior, and the band dissolved, re-forming under the new name of Fatal Mission. Leeks accused the band, particularly songwriter Denny Kincaid, of using his material without permission or payment. Kincaid denies this, saying the band used all original material.

Finegan sets a couple netrunners on Zee-roX’s trail. They eventually find out he is Paul Brooks, and lives in a run-down apartment in the West End. Finegan sends a team to collect Brooks. A netrunner hacks his system, locking him out and sending a message – “Your worm failed / They’re on their way / G.O.N. / U owe me” (G.O.N. = Get Out Now). Brooks panics, and packs a gun and laptop and runs out to his car. Agents intercept the out-of-shape Brooks before he can get into his junker and tranq him with a stun dart. they load him into one of their cars and depart, heading for the airport to take him to Tsurigo’s Japan headquarters.

Porter sends several agents with Kevin to meet the anonymous patron. The meeting is at midnight at a dock not quite three miles west of downtown. Kevin brings 2 bodyguards – John and his samurai. They are met by Mr. Smith – the same Smith Kevin met when he annexed Pimpf’s territory. Smith brings out Kevin’s payment – a briefcase nuke. Kevin hands over the nuclear materials and the briefcase of money. Before Smith can load anything into his van, a parked vehicle nearby fires a grenade launcher at Smith’s van. It misses the van but it still goes off and does damage to the vehicle, rendering it undriveable. A firefight erupts, primarily Porter’s agents firing at Smith and his guards, wounding and killing each other. Kevin’s samurai attacks but a body falling onto him knocks him off balance, and his sword slices clean through John’s leg. Kevin runs to shoot Smith but slips on blood and falls. Smith shoots the samurai to no effect, who lunges toward Smith.

The man with the grenade launcher is taking aim when a bullet through his head makes him fire wildly, shooting a grenade into Kevin’s torso. Killed immediately, the stopping of Kevin’s heart triggers the deadman switch to the bomb in his briefcase, setting it off.

The explosion of Kevin’s briefcase bomb triggers the second briefcase bomb. The second explosion impacts roughly a 5 block diameter – Smith, Kevin’s men, and Porter’s agents are all vaporized… as are the nuclear material in the van, increasing the amount of radioactive fallout.

Broken Saint is at home and sees a flash of light, and thunder seconds later, but there is no rain. Saint immediately takes cover and swallows a pair of iodine pills.

Kendal and Aaron are transporting Zee-roX across the bridge – just before reaching the Kentucky side, they see the flash of light and the mushroom cloud to the west. Car windows are blown out all across the bridge, including their car, but Kendal manages to keep control and guns it, smashing through cars losing control and heading for the ramp that will take them to the airport.

Finegan is at University Hospital guarding Lana when he sees the flash. He rounds up his team and removes Lana from the hospital. Not wanting to risk driving through the fallout zone to get to the airport, he heads north, searching for another airport to charter a flight to Tsurigo HQ in Japan.



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